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Welcome to…Roma!

If you’re traveling to Italy, you’re most likely going to  pass through Rome at one point or another.  Many people breeze by Rome, not thinking it’s going to be a wonderful addition to their trip, but oh! How they wrong.  To those people, I say they just haven’t had the proper Rome Travel Guide.

There are so many wonderful things about Rome, it’s overwhelming.  The best way to tackle Rome, is to decide what’s important to you and what you want to see and do.  If you’re going for the food, then maybe spending 8 hours on a fully immersive Vatican Museums tour isn’t the option for you.  If you LOVE ancient Rome, then you’re absolutely going to want to do the Colosseum, and possibly even some other cool underground tours, like the catacombs or other hidden parts of Rome.

What you DON’T want to do when you go to Rome, is to try and cram everything in. Take your time, enjoy the little things, and remember, when in Rome…

I hope this Rome Travel Guide gives you the confidence you need to plan your next trip to Rome!



📅 BEST TIME TO TRAVEL: April – May, September & October AVOID July & August if you aren’t a fan of big crowds, with massive heat and humidity.

💵  CURRENCY: Italy uses the Euro.  I have a Revolut Bank account to easily transfer currencies & see current exchange rates- its like an amazing version of Paypal & Venmo all at once! Sign up here!

🌞  WEATHER: July and August are the hottest months, averaging about 85F/29C (and extremely humid).  January and February are the coldest, usually hovering around 54F/12C.  October -January is rainy season.

💰  AVERAGE COST OF ACCOMODATION:  The average nigthtly cost for a hostel will start around €50 a night.

Starting prices for hotels: 1* €100, 2* €150, 3* 200-250, 4* Hotels 250-400, 5* Hotels €400+


The best things to do in Rome! This rome travel guide gives you all the essentials on what to do when you visit rome


1. Taverna Dei Fiori Imperiale

For one of Rome’s most romantic dinners around – head to Taverna Dei Fiori Imperiale. Tucked away in Ancient Rome, after your dinner wander around the forum for an unforgettable Roman night.

the best gelato in rome - rome travel guide
Rome Travel Guide: where to eat in rome!  This travel guide to rome will tell you all the best places to have a meal in rome as well as the best dishes to try while you travel Rome!

2. Osteria Costanza

Not only does Osteria Costanza have AMAZING food, but the restaraunt is literally a part of ancient Roman ruins. When you eat at Osteria Costanza, you are literally dining in the very place that Julius Ceasar was assasinated.

3. Enoteca Ferrara

For a traditional Roman meal that will not disappoint, head to Enoteca Ferrara for classic staples that will leave you happy and not even a little bit hungry.


These classic Roman dishes are a sure way to put a smile on your face!  Any of these local staples are traditional and known in Rome…so as the Romans do!











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Day 1

Arrive in Rome in the morning, and drop your luggage off at your hotel.

Visit the Trastevere neighborhood for a quick bite to eat and snap shots of picture-perfect Roma.

Spend the afternoon on a guided tour of the Colosseum and tour the underground and Arena.  Your guide will then take you to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Finish off with dinner at Osteria Costanza.


Day 2

Start your day off by exploring classic Rome – plan on getting up early so you can go and see the Trevi Fountain in the beautiful morning light without the hoards of crowds.  In the same(ish) area explore the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.

Spend your lunchtime at a cooking class and learn how to make Roman Classics.

Afternoon visit the EUR neighborhood and experience Mussolini’s strange architecture.

Enjoy a traditional Roman dinner at Trattoria dei Fiori Imperiale.


Day 3

Your third and final day in Rome will commence with a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica.  Plan on lots of walking and sensory overload as you are shown some of the most treasured art in the world.

After your tour head to Residenza Paolo VI for rooftop views and drinks.

Before your train departs be sure to grab a gelato at Fattamorgana and explore a bit of the Monti neighborhood before you head to your next destination.

Where to Stay in Rome

Portrait Roma

Portrait Roma is located on Via Condotti, with fabulous views of the Spanish steps.

The hospitality at Portrait Roma is exceptional and at this elegant hotel You’ll find gray pinstriped carpeting over blond hardwood floors, heavy silk drapes with accents of acid green or cyclamen, and brightly colored cashmere throws. Start your day with breakfast on the rooftop, where the views sweep across the city to include the Piazza di Spagna and the Villa Medici.

Starting at $500 during high season.

Book your Stay at Portrait Roma

Hotel de la Ville – a Rocco Forte Hotel

Tucked in at the top of the Spanish Steps, Hotel de la Ville is a new hotel designed by renowned architect Tommaso Ziffer. Enticing guests is the world-celebrated spa, steam and salt rooms, and wonderful culinary experiences.   The suites have stunning views over classic Rome, and the rooftop terrace has scenic views to die for.

Starting at $350 night during High Season

Book Your Stay at Rocco Forte Hotel de la Ville

where to stay in rome. -hotel de la ville rocco forte
the st. regis rome - rome travel guide

St. Regis Rome

The St. Regis Rome is a stunning blend of charm and elegance.  Nestled in a great area for easy accessibility to all of Rome’s sights, the St. Regis captures Rome’s timelessness and history.

The Butler Service enhances every stay, connecting guests to Rome’s hidden secrets.

Starting at $700 night during High Season

Book Your Stay at the St. Regis Rome

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rome travel tips: are you wondering how to get the most out of your time in rome?  well this rome travel guide will show you where to stay in rome, what to do in Rome, where to eat in rome and so much more!

Rome Travel Tips

Expect lots of walking while you are in Rome!  Practical shoes are an absolute must.  Unless you are a local Roman woman, leave the stilettos behind. Cobblestones are NOT your friend.

SCIPERO!  STRIKE!  Sometimes the Italian public transport system likes to go on strike.  It’s cool, it’s normal it’s a part of life, but expect the unexpected.  If you think it’s going to take only 10 minutes to get somewhere, make it 30.

Italians eat late!  If you can’t adjust to the culture I suggest partaking in aperitivo before heading to dinner.  Aperitivo is light drinks and snacks from around 5-7 pm.  Dinner traditionally takes place later around 8-9:30.

TIPPING: Tipping is not the same as it is in America.  For taxis – round up to the next dollar – don’t be afraid to ask for change!  Try and carry smaller bills and coins if possible.  At restaurants if servcie was exceptional a $5 tip would be outstanding.  If there is a “coperto” charge on your bill, there’s no need to leave anything at all.

Dress codes: There is a requirement for women to have shoulders and knees covered when visiting churches.  The Vatican is the most struct about this.  Tucking a light pashmina in your purse will save you a lot of grief!  Light summer maxi dresses are also your best friend during a trip to Italy.



ROME TRAVEL GUIDE: What to do in Rome while you are traveling in Italy! There is so much to see and do in Rome, but how to decide? This rome travel guide gives you the best places to eat in rome, the best places for gelato in rome, and the best activities in Rome!


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*This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.  Why affiliate links?  They help keep this blog running and a free resource for you to use!  Thank you for your continued support.*