FALL FASHION FINDS – The Best Autum Fashion Staples to add to your wardrobe now if you haven’t already.

If you don’t know me, I’m Sydney, The Boho Traveller, a sailor, boheme, adventurer, and travel agent from Florida.  My fashion style is bohemian princess meets small boy in the french revolution meets angry catholic school girl.  A libra (and a pumpkin baby!) Austumn is MY SEASON, and fashion is my friend.  You guys loved my post last year on Fall Fashion Finds for Under $20 so I’m back at it again. Here are my go-to items for my wardrobe this fall – if they aren’t already in there, you can bet I’m adding them!  Since I am going to be spending much of my time this fall in England, much of this clothing has a “New England Pumpkin Patch” sort of vibe.

If you’re into those sort of Fall Fashion Finds, I suggest you read on!  Happy shopping! fall fashion finds the boho traveller

Fall Fashion Finds – SHOES

Birdies – The Swan – $120 

I have been a BIG Birdies advocate for about two years now, and I have 6 pairs of birdies shoes, 5 flats, and 1 pair of Sandals.  The Swan Shoe in Rhubarb is in my shopping cart at the moment to be ordered as soon as that next paycheck hits. Because OH MAMA!  Are these not the fall shoe we have all been waiting for?!?

English Riding Boot – Sam Edelman x Amazon – $120-$150

You can never go amiss in terms of Fall Fashion with a classic English Riding Boot.  This Sam Edelman Classic is available on Amazon in several different colors.  Definitely, a staple to add to your Autumn Wardrobe Collection

fall fashion finds english riding booot

Doc Marten “Chelsea” Red Slip-on Short Boots

Ok, if y’all have been around here a while you KNOW i am a Doc Marten kinda gal, and these red boots are CALLING TO ME.  Time to invest in another pair?  I think yes.

Fall Fashion Finds- Tops, Sweaters, & Coats

Tea Party Sweater – ASTR- $120

Sweet, simple with hints of fall and summer, this is the perfect girlfriend sweater to pair with your boyfriend jeans this fall for a cozy date night by the fireside.

Big Cozy Fall Leaf Sweater – James Kiel Patrick $128

Low key – James Kiel Patrick is all of my New England fall dreams summed into one place.  I have a few of their items on here, and while I didn’t purchase the Big Cozy Fall Leaf Sweater for myself….I did for my partner!  I got the Fall Pumpkin Sweater for myself – things are going to get spooky!

Corduroy Button Up Shacket – Urban Outfitters – $69

For me, fall is all about the opportunity to break out the corduroy and get my 70’s (and im talking 1770’s here) groove on.  Like a small boy in the french revolution, this shirt screams fall.  Pair with a set of knee high english riding boots and a mock turtleneck underneath – and you’re set to start a revolution, and look cute at the pumpkin patch.

Classic Turtleneck – H&M – $17.99

You can never go wrong with a classic turtleneck.  Make sure to add a few to your autumn wardrobe and wear them through the fall and winter.  These H&M basics I stock up on at the beginnning of every season in a couple of different colors.

Denim Sherpa Lined Javcket – Levi’s- $98

Ok, so I haven’t personally invested in one of these myself because I 9/10 times steal my brothers when he isn’t looking.  This jacket is better in men’s and go down a size.  Cute, comfy, and great to chill by the fireside and roast some marshmallows.

Teddy Bear Coat – Amazon – $33

Nothing beats a good teddy bear coat, and this one on Amazon is affordable, cute, and perfect for the fall.

Fall Fashion Finds – PANTS!

Denim Distressed Overalls – Free People – $98

Nothing says good ‘ole county fair fun like a pair of overalls.  I have a favorite pair I’m always decked out in during the fall – paired with a cute pair of tan boots, a turtleneck sweater, and a funky hat, these are a wardrobe staple of mine as they can be worn in so many ways!

Bootcut Jeans – Good American – $169

Nothing beats an epic pair of boot cut jeans, and I am here to say that these Good Bootcut Jeans from Good American look good.  Pair with some chunky heels, a funky top and a tartan scarf, and you might as well claim the hearts you’ve broken.

Corduroy Flares

I know I seem a little crazy on the corduroy – but I am nothing short of OBSESSED with it.  A second great pair of corduroy flares is finding its way home to my wardrobe this fall (I already have one pair of flares, and one pair of skinny jeans).  I have linked two options here – the Free People ones I love, and they have tons of color options, however the Forever 21 is a much more economical option for those balling on a budget this fall.

Free People – $78 

fall fashion finds corduroy pants

Forever 21- €34

Fall Fashion Finds- Skirts & Dresses

Tartan Wrap Mini Skirt- Hollister- €39

Pair with Tights, thigh high boots, and a baret, and you’ve got yourself a French Kiss kinda Fall.

fall fashion finds tartan wrap mini skirt

Woodstock Trail Flannel Dress – $148

This dress has been ordered and is currently on it’s way to me now!  It just screams, I’m coming home to meet mama and get lost in the corn maze.

fall fashion finds james kiel patrick trail flannel dress

Fall Fashion Finds – Autumn Accessories

Tartan Scarf – Amazon – $11.99

Any tartan scarf is a fall staple, and this one from Amazon is cozy, affordable, and comes in a variety of colors.

tartan scarf fall fashion finds

Wool/Felt/ Suede Indie Hat

No fall outfit is complete without a head accessory in my opinion.  This wool hat at Nordstrom is beautiful and incredible, but the Amazon dupe is the one in my closet, and there is a variety of colors.

Wool Hat by Lack of Color – Nordstrom -$99

fall fashion accessories

Amazon – $17.99


Tights – Amazon – $11.99

Take some of your summer wardrobe into fall by ditching the sandals and adding tights and boots to the ensemble.  Stock up on a variety of black, tan, and grey tights at the beginning of fall to last you all winter (Pro tip, when it’s reallt cold out, I wear them under my jeans!!!)