I am really excited to announce that I have taken a job with Explorateur Travel as a Travel Designer!  What does this mean exactly?  It means I can finally and officially help you plan your next vacation to your dream destination.  As a travel planner and a travel agent, I have the ability to get into all the challenging parts of travel so you don’t have to.  Those detail logistics that give you a headache to think about are no longer a problem anymore.  All you need to do is tell me where you want to go, then enjoy your vacation.

Wait – travel planners still exist?  Yes, friends, we do! And I have just joined their ranks.  You know what my brother said to me when I told him I was starting this new venture? That sounds like a mistake…don’t do it.  And while yes, my little brother who is a gen z-er probably isn’t going to be using a travel agent in the near future… LOTS of other people are…and you probably don’t even know it.

travel planner watching the sunrise with a full breakfastWhat’s funny to me, is that before I started this job, many of my friends who have used travel agents “forgot” to mention it to me.  They thought I would think less of them for not planning their own vacation – which by the way, I very clearly don’t!

Diving into the realm of travel planning has been on my mind for a while now, and when the opportunity with Explorateur Travel popped up, it honestly became a no-brainer decision.  I get questions DAILY on travel tips, things to do in certain locations, how to book flights, and how I find hotels. I genuinely LOVE helping people when it comes to travel.  Travel is what I know. Travel is what I’m good at. I actually enjoy the nitty-gritty process of figuring out an itinerary, logistics, train travel, and all that jazz. However, answering these questions doesn’t exactly pay the bills, and a girl has to eat.

The most exciting thing is, I am going to be able to DAILY talk to people about travel who are pumped for life.  People who may have never been to Italy before and are so excited to try fresh gelato for the first time.  People who have never been to Iceland and are going to see the northern lights for the first time.  I get to relive all of these experiences over and over through them like I am experiencing it for the first time, and truly, it’s making me tear up a little typing this.

I get to share my love for countries like Italy, Morocco, Iceland, Spain, France, Germany, Ecuador, Peru and so so so many more.  So many of the places I’ve traveled, like Scotland and England, are going to be brought back to life for me every single day.

Now that I’ve officially come out of the travel planner closet, I really want to thank you all for your support with The Boho Traveller over these years.  I honestly could not have this blog without you! I promise that I will continue to post travel content – city guides, free itineraries, packing lists and so much more to help make your travels as smooth as possible.  In return, let me make your travels as smooth as possible as your travel planner!

If you are interested in letting me plan your next vacation – be it a honeymoon, babymoon, minimoon, adventure in Bali, or a trek through South America, I want to help you!

Just fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch as soon as I can!

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