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The BIG O… it’s time to start taking it with you when you travel ladies

Wait, is she saying what I think she is?…well yes and no.  This post is all about Orgasms and Organics because frankly, both are pretty gosh darn important.  Y’all know I like my plant-based, safe for the environment, feel-good stuff.  I’m here to introduce you to ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX because it does all of those things (and more!) I’m talking about using lube here.  Let’s cut to the chase and let me tell you this- when I am traveling with my partner, it’s one of the first items to go in the bag.

You never know what the elements are going to throw at you.  A day of hiking in Costa Rica might leave you a little more exhausted than you thought,  and when you want to get down and dirty, you may want a little bit of help to smooth things out.  Then you can get back out there and explore more (or grab some delicious food).  The wintery winds of Iceland in January may leave you feeling slightly drier than you would like, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting romantic under the northern lights.  Life is too short to fake it, so help yourself out, girl. Using ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX while you are traveling lets you have the peace of mind and confidence that you and your travel buddy are gonna see some great things, and then have some great bedroom connections.  You guys know me, and you know I am all about being who you are.  You should never have to hide from anyone, and while some things need to stay in the bedroom, ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX needs to be in your bag when you travel.


So… let’s get to the good stuff, what makes this lube so much freeking better than any other lube?  ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX is the first water-based liquid to hit the shelves from the leader in liquid lubes.  In layman’s terms, it means this is groundbreaking.  WHY ON EARTH do we want to put anything near, inside, and around our lady parts that isn’t organic?

When I discovered ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX it was a whole new world.  If you need any more convincing on why I’ve decided this is the long term brand for me, the fact there is no testing on animals and are endorsed by PETA.  95% organic ingredients.  No parabens, hormones, fragrances, or flavors.

astroglide organix on balcony with bikini
leave the bikini behind

A lot of women I chat with seem so shy to buy or purchase personal lubricants, but there’s no need for that whatsoever.  Dryness happens, and especially when you’re traveling and in a foreign environment, you never know what is going to happen.  Your body is adapting to time differences, altitude differences, and a total swap of environment.  Plus you probably just sat in a plane for how many hours?

Do yourself a favor and make life smooth sailing.  Pack. The. Lube. Need more convincing, I’ll leave you will a fun little stat here.  According to health experts, 20 MILLION women in the U.S. suffer from dryness. Over 1/2 of women between 18-29 will experience dryness.  If it hasn’t happened yet, chances are it will.  Don’t let that moment be while you are watching the sunset from your balcony in Cancun.

astroglide organix in the store at target
found near the pharmacy in target

You can find ASTROGLIDE ORGANIX in Target near the pharmacy. Want in on a deal? Click here for a special coupon just for reading this article. 🙂