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Did you know an estimated 41.7 million tourists visited the UK in 2018? The UK is a brilliant holiday destination. Whether it’s a city break, a beach holiday or a road trip, it offers endless possibilities. Plus, it’s quite compact, meaning that you can see so much of it in a short time. Why not put the UK on the top of your list for your next holiday?

Here are 4 fantastic reasons to holiday in the UK:

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1. The weather isn’t as bad as you think

Of course, no one in the UK is ever going to say a holiday here will get you the perfect tan. But it might. That’s the wonder of UK weather. You can experience a whole range of temperatures and conditions in one day. You might wake to fog, have lunch in the sunshine, use an umbrella in the afternoon and be sitting in an ancient pub’s beer garden by dusk. Embrace the variety.

Of course, check out the weather using the various apps at your disposal, but always be aware that they struggle to keep up with our ever-changing climate. On the plus side, the UK rarely suffers from extreme weather. There’s no hurricanes, tornadoes or avalanches.

2. The Variety of the UK

For a small place, there’s a lot to see. In fact, no single trip to the UK will ever be enough. You need to do some research and planning beforehand or you’ll end up exhausted at the prospect. Decide what you want to focus on. The Visit Britain website is great for ideas.

Don’t be afraid to venture off the classic tourist path. Yes, Stonehenge is incredible but it’s very busy in the summer. Head just a few miles north to visit Old Sarum (you can even hike to see both) or further into the heart of Wiltshire for Avebury. Here you can not only walk through the ancient stones, you can touch them. It’s actually encouraged.

3. Endless food options

UK cuisine gets a harsh rap internationally. However, its multiculturalism means there’s just so much to choose from.

Our curries are simply delicious. To try one, venture to the city of Birmingham where some of the best and most authentic curry houses can be found. Birmingham is a bit of a hidden jewel of the UK. It’s a vibrant city, and a delight for shopaholics and history buffs alike. The canal walk in the city centre is a wonderful trail of history and traditional pub gardens.

Finally, eating fish and chips out of paper, sitting in a bus shelter by the seaside and in the rain, is a rite of passage. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.girl dressed like a badass slytherin by the glenfinnan viaduct in scotland

4. The UK & The Great Outdoors

It might be small but never underestimate the UK’s ability to delight with its open spaces. It has some truly remarkable National Parks. From the majestic splendour of Snowdon in Wales which can be hiked by most to the rugged joy of Ben Nevis for the more experienced, the scenery is truly impressive. There are endless picnic opportunities either sitting by the Thames in rural Oxfordshire or by a lake in the incredible Lake District. The list is endless. Why not visit and see for yourself?


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