Having thoughts about taking a trip to Miami?  I just recently went visiting a friend so check out my top 5 things to do!

  1. See the Wynwood Art District

    Quite possibly the trendiest place in Miami, Wynwood is covered in art from pavement to roof.  Visit the Wynwood walls and stroll through the nearby areas to see some really unique street art, and get your colorful vibe on!

  2. Rent a boat and hit the sandbar

    If you have some money to spend, are really good at making random friends, or just have some friends with boats, hop on board and head on out to the sandbar for a truly Miami experience as people anchor out on a nearby sandbar, eat, drink, sunbath, swim and just have an all around good time.  Here is a website to rent some boats, but I am sure there are tons of other options as well.

  3. Head out to the beach.

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    For a cheaper version of number 4, head on out to Miami beach, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches the world has to offer.  Amazing warm water from the gulf stream keeps Miami Beach waters pleasant all year round.  If you’re interested in seeing what all the hype is about, check out South Beach, or if you’re like me and don’t want to be surrounded by tons of people, head a little farther north to relax some.
  4. Eat all of the latin food

    It’s just not a trip to Miami if you don’t have some form of latin food.  From Cuban, Argentinian, to Peruvian, traditional Spanish, and Mexican, Miami has all to offer.  Don’t miss out on the unique culture this city has to offer.

  5. Visit Key Biscayne National Park

    If you’re a national park weirdo like me and have one of the nifty national park passports (I’m so lame….I know) head on out to Key Biscayne National Park for a slower side of Miami that is sure to wow you.

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