Vienna is yet another town originally a Roman settlement.  Grandiose and the capital of the imperial Hapsburg Dynasty, this city is truly worth a visit, for the amazing sights, and the delicious food as well.  With so much to see in this city here are 4 amazing sights you will not want to miss!  All of these sights are located in the center of the historic district, and easy to walk to if you need to give yourself a little tour!

  1. Saint Stephen’s Cathedral


    Impossible to miss, Saint Stephen’s Cathedral is the center of the historic section of Vienna.  The stunning location of Mozart’s marriage, construction started in 1359 and lasted 200 years.  Up for a challenge?  Climb the tower to get a stunning overview of Vienna!

  2. Hofburg Palace

    Built by the Hapsburgs in the 13th century- this important building is essential to Vienna’s culture, and Austrian culture as it now hosts the president’s seat.  

  3. Heldenplatz

    Just outside of the Hapsburg palace lies Heldenplatz, or Heroes’ Square.  Interestingly enough the two statues that represent heroes tell tales of defeat.  The first was built to honor the Hapsburg dynasty even though they had just lost a major battle, and the second was built and a year later they lost another pertinent battle.  Not only are those “heroes” remembered in the square, but this is also the location where Adolf Hitler announced the Austrian Anschluss at the start of World War II.

  4. Austrian Parliament Building

    A [relatively] newer building (1883), this is still an amazing sight to see in Vienna.  Hosting over 100 rooms that are not just governmental, but libraries, gyms, restaurants, and other interesting rooms.  Outside the building is the beautiful Pallas Athene fountain.  Be sure to take a look before you leave Vienna!

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