Blue and alluring, with over 50,000 tourists visiting a day, the city on water is loved, and detested, by many.  Though everyone’s views on Venice differ, there is no denying the city has a magnetizing appeal.  Walking into a real-life fairy tale this city, regardless of negative views, casts a certain enchantment upon those who visit it.  Here are my 6 reasons to love Venice!  

There’s a photo op around every corner

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One of the many beautiful canals of Venice.

For the photographer, or even those with just the latest iPhone, taking amazing photos in Venice is a breeze.  Every canal, every boat, every doorway, beg to be photographed.  Whip out your camera and share your best photos in Venice for lots of “likes” in Instagram!

The fresh seafood is to die for.

A Venetian specialty is putting squid ink in, or on, pretty much anything.  Avoid tourist traps and head to an authentic restaurant and order cuttlefish, or a seafood pasta, and pig out on some of the best seafood in Italy.

Spritz, Spritz, Spritz

Aperol Spritz on the canals of Venice.

I’m not sure what it is, but the spritz in Venice is unlike anywhere else.  Aperol or campari, this refreshing drink is great with aperitivo, lunch, or just a mid-day pick me up after all the walking in Venice.  Maybe because prosecco is produce in the Veneto region of Italy (the same region Venice is in), but this is a must-have while in this sweet town.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

This is truly a tucked away gem of Venice. Owned by the Contarini family, it is said that the spiral staircase was built for the wife of Pietro Contarini, who was homesick for the town of Pisa.  Hidden town a small street this “little” palace is well worth stopping by.

The Gondola Rides

Enjoying life on a beautiful gondola ride.

Cliché, but so worth every penny.  Romantic, fun, and a true once-in-a-lifetime experience, bring a bottle of prosecco and enjoy a 30 minute gondola ride through the ever enchanting canals of the city.

The glass

Glass blowing in Venice

With many different demonstrations and showcases to pick from, seeing glass made in Venice is a distinctly unique experience.  Buying some earrings or a bracelet can be a little pricey, but makes for a great souvenier or gift!  Or splurge and buy a beautiful chandelier costing upwards of 6,000….


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