The Boho Presets – Summer Collection (mobile)


Welcome to the mobile version of my summer collection presets.  Here you can buy the files to turn your iPhone photos into perfectly curated content for Instagram.



Thank you SO much for stopping by to purchase my mobile presets!  I have worked hard on these for you, so welcome to my premier presets – Summer Collection!

This preset pack consists of 10 Lightroom presets.  7 daytime presets and 3 sunset presets.

I have a huge list below of one photo for each style, to give you an idea of the differences between each preset.  Certain presets will work better for certain photos, but most of them make any photo look good!  It’s important to note also that presets are not a one-stop shop, but you may have to tweak a few things once you apply the preset.  Usually, this is as simple as adjusting the exposure!

It is always in best practice to use high quality, well-lit photos.  There is no need to shoot in raw for these, your iPhone photos will do just fine!

You will need to be on a computer to start out and unzip the DNG files you are about to receive.  Once you have unzipped those you can shove them into google drive or Dropbox to access on your phone.  For instructions on how to get the filters into Lightroom Mobile, click here.


For FAQ on presets click here.

**Purchase is non-refundable**


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