1. After you have unzipped the files on your computer, upload them into Google Drive (or something similar)
  2. One by one, save the images to your camera roll.  On Google Drive, you do this by holding down on the photo for a few seconds until the prompt comes up.
  3. Open the Lightroom Mobile App
  4. Create a New Album.  I would recommend titling it with the collection of presets you are importing (For Example Boho Presets Summer Collection)
  5. Import the photos you just saved by clicking the little photo icon at the bottom right.
  6. Now it’s time to save your presets!
  7. Click the first photo & then click the three little dots at the top right of the screen.  Select Create preset.
  8. From here a screen will pop up.  Here you can name your preset and select which preset group you want to save it to.  I suggest creating a new preset group.
  10. Do this for all the other.  You are finished, you have your brand new presets you can use in the Free Lightroom Mobile