Do you have all your spring outfits yet?

Living in Florida, I don’t really have a spring, but I so wish I did.  It goes from blistering wet humid cold winter (aka January and random parts of March and February), to hot as hades summer.  But for all of you lovely chicas out there who DO have a spring, these are the spring outfits for you.  I know it feels like summer is oh so far away…so these will help get you through.  All of these outfits are from Femme Luxe.  They are super cute and super affordable (my favorite part!)


If you haven’t checked out Femme Luxe yet, for whatever reason, now is the time.  Their insanely affordable outfits, with better quality than any other budget retailer out there makes them the hot new thing this season. (For me at least!)


Classic LBD


spring outfit mini dresses by femme luxe Cute spring outfit – mini dresses by Femme Luxe!

I loved this little mini dress from Femme Luxe!  It was super cute and a good length on me.  Though I am pretty short, so on someone taller it might be a little high on them.  It fit like a glove.  True to size, and the material was really soft.  I like the added off the shoulder touch,  very appropriate for a cool spring evening where you only want a little bit of arm showing.  Furthermore, this LBD is super affordable!

One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Okay, let’s be real for a second.  I have never felt more like a grown ass woman in power than when I wear this jumpsuit.  It says – I’m a boss ass bitch and you can’t mess with me.  It also says “I’ll eat your heart out”.  Seriously, cannon get enough of this dress and it’s great for so many occasions.  Throw on a fun blazer and you can wear it to a business meeting.  Wear a funky bracelet and you’ve got yourself a party outfit.  The options are limitless with this.  You can get several spring outfits in one!


The material here is stretchy and forgiving, but it doesn’t look or feel cheap. It comes with the little tie belt, but if you wanted to get fun you could add a pop of color where the belt is and really make it stand out.  OR EVEN BETTER….you could wear one of those fun new fanny pack purses.  One of those would be PERFECT with this jumpsuit!

one shoulder jumpsuit by femme luxe

I am in love with this one-shoulder jumpsuit from Femme Luxe


femme luxe jumpsuit one shoulderThis jumpsuit is so flattering and literally goals. Will totally be wearing it to my next dinner.


The Ultimate Sweater Dress

I love this dress because to me it can be worn literally anywhere.  Work? Sure!  Date night? Sure!  Church? Sure!  Watching Netflix on the couch…? Sure!  I mean seriously, this dress is so amendable, it needs to be a staple in every girl’s spring (and winter) wardrobe.  You can add tights and make it a little more modest (and a little more warm).  You could add a long necklace and wear moccasins and make it a little more bohemian.  Wear jeans underneath and you’ve got yourself a totally different look again!

This dress is amazing.  Plus it’s soft and really comfy.  Definitely worth the (not large at all) investment to have so mailable piece in your closet!

sweater dress mini dress femme luxe Such a cute sweater dress that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.  Super malleable and needs to be the next interchangeable piece you add to your wardrobe!


Like, how adorable is this sweater dress? Could totally wear it to church with tights or on a date!  This dress is good for any occasion.



My Overall Thoughts on Femme Luxe

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the products Femme Luxe delivered.  I have shopped on budget sites before like Romwe and SheIn…but the quality of those were all sub par to what I received from femme luxe.  There is one dress I didn’t show off..mostly because I have no idea how to wear it and I’m not totally sure what was going through my head when I purchased – but I’m sure someone will know how to rock it!! That someone is just not me.


I would totally recommend Femme Luxe if they are your style. Their clothes appear to be quality made, and are not itchy or uncomfortable in any way.  They fit exactly – so if you like your clothes a little loose, make sure to order a size up!

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