Ever wondered what absolute essentials you need to have in your carry on? Many these days no longer check bags due to outrageous fees and the love of not dragging a massive case down cobblestone streets.  (I’ve ruined so many bags this way…RIP)  So what are the essential items for the carry on traveler?  Read on to find the things I cannot live without being in my packed over-head storage bag.

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Rothvyn Weekender Travel Bag -Your Essential Carry On

My go-to weekend bag.  Light, easy to organize, and stylish.  Water resistant, and did I mention, SUPER CUTE?  Seriously, this bag goes with me everywhere (even the Sahara Desert). It IS your essential carry on.

carry on bag with girl in sahara desert

Me and my Rothvyn Bag in the Sahara Desert (camel not included with purchase)

Buy it from Amazon for $49.99

GRAYL Ultra Light Water Purifier

This water bottle has changed my life.  I can drink from any hotel sink, any river, stream, lake, pond, and not worry about what is going into my body!  The only thing it doesn’t filter is salt water, and they recommend you don’t drink from any water near mining plants or chemical spills (duh).  But, apart from that, just fill, press, and drink!  I could not live without this water bottle in my carry on.  Plus, at a price of $59.95 it won’t break the bank, and you’ll feel good because you are saving the environment and reducing plastic.

Buy it here on AMAZON  $59.95


SPIDERCASE – Waterproof Phone Case

Not exactly a “carry on” essential, but definitely a travel essential that will be put in your carry on because that’s where your phone will be.  Even if you aren’t going to a sea destination, a waterproof phone case will protect your phone from many things you can’t anticipate.  Like being pushed into a pool at the riad in Morocco you are staying at, being caught in a thunderstorm a mile from home in Rome, dropping your phone into the hostel toilet in Peru, or the drunk guy spilling his beer all over your table in Munich.  Trust me.  Get the waterproof case.

Buy it here on AMAZON – $19.66



There are tons of amazing headphones out there.  Bose proudly boasts probably the best in the market, with Sony, and Beats coming in at a close second and third.  But most of us are probably looking for a style that won’t cost hundreds of dollars . For us, these COWIN headphones from Amazon have been working great, and are comfortable and totally manageable.  At $60 these bad boys will drown out the screaming baby and let you listen to your music to fall asleep, or watch that movie you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Get the Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones from Amazing for $60
Get the Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones for $349 (Includes Alexa Voice Control)

Cloudz Neckii Pillow (That Attaches to your Carry On)

I have tried many neck pillows in my time, and this is by far my favorite.  It is light, not some weird giant obtrusive form, and moldable.  It looks weird, I know.  Like a dog bone or something.  But I swear to you this is the best airplane pillow I have ever had.  And I have tried HUNDREDS!

Get it on Amazon for $10.25

Cozy Socks

No travel is complete without a pair of nice cozy socks in your carry on.  Because nothing is worse than getting on a 7-hour flight and having cold feet the entire time.

These are the socks I buy on Amazon for $10.99 a pack.  But you can also go to Target. 🙂

Anker Portale Charger

You never know when you’re going to get on that budget Airline that DOESN’T HAVE A USB OUTLET.  The panic is rising in your chest because – shit- that 45-minute phone call with your mom about Great Aunt Sue being a crazy person at the family reunion sucked your juice down to 13%. You won’t make it through this flight without listening to your GaryVee podcast and THANKFULLY you remembered your portable charger.  But, what if you hadn’t.  Portable chargers save lives.  And phone batteries.  Don’t be the scrub without one.

10,000mAh Anker Portable Charger $31
3350mAh Mini Anker Portable Charger $19

***Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom on what YOU must have in your carry on, I would love to hear it!***


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