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7 Things to be Munchin’ on in München

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  1. Cheese Filled Wieners

    Delicious and perfect in every way.  There are so many jokes to be made about these delicious sausages filled with white cheese, but I won't indulge.

  2. Pretzels Bigger than Your Headimg_1769

    And no, not my head.  The head of a large, fully grown German man. These aren't your average pretzels you get in the mall or movie theatre.  These pretzels are a meal, and the real deal!

  3. Spätzel

    A wonderful type of German noodle.  My favorite way they're presented?  Creamy mac n' cheese style with bits of bacon. Sorry Grandmama, but this dish rivals yours at Thanksgiving!

  4. Gingerbread Cookiesfullsizerender-12

    These heart shaped cookies sold at Oktoberfest are beautifully decorated and are often seen worn around the necks of girls, given to them by their sweeties.  It seems a shame to eat such a work of art, but trust me when you bite into this cookie, you won't think about the decoration anymore.

  5. Pretzel Bread with Cheese and Bacon

    This treat is everything the Germans are good at, piled onto one succulent pretzel bread!  One of my favorite buys for the bus ride home!

  6. Roast Chicken (Hendl)

    Something the Germans do to this chicken makes it better than all other roast chickens.  Unfortunately so much of it gets thrown around during the Oktoberfest festivities, too much chicken is gone to waste.  I don't know about you, but I am not the type to waste a chicken wing!

  7. White Sausage (Weißwurst)img_1749

    Where other countries do sausage, Germany, and particularly Bavaria, does it 10 times better.  For breakfast, order one of these bad boys, and you'll be set for drinking sturdy German beer all day!  (Try it with a side of potatoes!)