The Quick and Easy Weekend Bag

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Do you need to pack the perfect weekend bag, but have been up on the work grind all week? This simple list will make sure you don't forget the essentials, and manage to prevent an overload with a heavy bag!

  1. ALWAYS keep your bag smaller.  The smaller the bag,the less you bring.  No, not a carry-on. Just a duffel will do I also bring a backpack for my blogging stuff, but that's another story).  Carry-ons are obnoxious on busses, difficult to manuver, and hard to carry up stairs.  IMO
  2. Pajamas.
  3. Where are you going?  Will you need a bathing suit?  Or a heavy jacket?  Will you be hiking?  Need to bring your dirndl? Pack this stuff first.
  4. 3 sets of basic mix and match clothes.  Make sure to remember where you’re going.  If it’s going to be cold, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 pair of tights with 3 or 4 shirts works, and takes up less room, which is less for you to carry.  Remember, keep it simple, and layerable things that all fit the same color scheme work best.  (I stick to all black usually)
  5. 1 set of nightlife clothes (let’s be real, you might need two…)
  6. 1 pair of extra shoes if you need.
  7. Toiletries and makeup- Make sure to throw these into a ziplock bag, or some other smaller bag, so if they spill, everything else isn’t destroyed for the weekend.
    1. shampoo & conditioner or dry shampoo
    2. deodorant
    3. perfume
    4. toothpaste & toothbrush (I once forgot this when going to Amalfi)
    5. makeup & face wipes
    6. prescriptions
  8. Any technology you might want to bring.  Phone chargers, cell phone, camera, iPad, iPod (do people still have these?), laptop, GoPro, etc.

Last, and 100% not least, make sure you have your purse and wallet with at least your debit card to take out money when you get there. A few Euros of spare change for the bus ride never hurts either. Don’t forget your passport!

Have something you never leave at home, even for a weekend?  Let me know in the comments below!

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