A Bat Cave Room in Taipei’s Eden Motel

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photo credit, Eden Motel


"I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!"


Just like the Caped Crusader, you can now say those words out loud while staying in your very own Bat Cave at Eden Motel's Batman-themed room, if you so wish.


You can, of course, bring your very own English butler (and call him Alfred despite having a different name) to make your Batman experience in the hotel more authentic if you have the resources.


Eden Motel's themed room is every Batman fan's dream. It comes with a double bed with the Batman logo emblazoned above it, Bat Cave-inspired walls, a Bat-tub, and a Bat TV for monitoring crime outside the city - AKA watching the news.


photo courtesy of Eden Motel


Many Batman fans that have spent a night at Eden Motel have pointed how several Easter eggs were left in the room. The motel is well known for scattering gargoyle figurines around the room that look just like the ones from the fictional Gotham City for visiting to find. In addition, there are certain parts of the room that were both inspired by the Bat Cave set used in the movies starring Michael Keaton and Christian Bale's Dark Knight Trilogy.


The only thing that's missing in the room is the iconic pole in which the caped crusader used to use to enter the Bat Cave. So it goes without saying that the room doesn’t come with its own Batmobile.



The concept of using Batman as a feature in hotel isn’t entirely new. After all, Batman is the most successful DC Comics character ever created. Among all the many comic book icons published by the company, only Batman managed to have a thriving TV series (both live action and animated) in the 60s, a movie trilogy that has become a global sensation thanks to Christopher Nolan's superb directing, and a slew of video games for both hardcore and casual gamers.


Console and PC gamers know very well how great the Batman Arkham series has proved to be over the years, which shows a deeper and darker side of the villains facing Batman. For the casuals, slot gaming company Betfair recently released several Batman games in honor of the original character played by Adam West in the 60s. Titles Batman and Mr. Freeze Fortune and Batman and the Penguin Prize are some of the gaming platform’s most popular games. Batman's huge cult following is the very reason why DC Comics continues to develop Batman's story with a slew of spin-offs in celebration of Gotham City’s greatest hero.


So, if you're willing to pay NT 6,600 (USD 210), the Bat Cave can be yours for the night. If however, you just want to take a short rest and take pictures of the themed-room, you can also rent it per hour. Perhaps Eden Motel realized that it only takes an hour or two for fans of The Dark Knight to fulfill their dreams of being in an actual Bat Cave.


all images were obtained from eden-motel.com

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