If you’re a student abroad, a “Friendsgiving” dinner might be what you are in search of.  You get the idea, it’s a pot luck style dinner and everyone brings their own dish, and the host gets a grzzly clean-up and buttloads of leftovers.  This can quickly become difficult with amplified struggles of finding turkeys (San Lorenzo, or order one!). Not to mentain can you even fit said turkey into your small Italian oven? You will quickly start running around like a chicken with your head cut off to find other necessary ingredients for a Thanksgiving Dinner common in America, but not so much in Italy. #ChallengeAccepted

If you’re like me, on Thanksgiving I want to relax and that all just seems like a little too much trouble, here are some alternatives for a feast on Thanksgiving- now you haven’t betrayed dear old America, and it’s pretty hassle free for you!



COST: €25
Why not spend Thanksgiving dinner at a place where everyone can eat, even your friends with special dietary restrictions?   Chow down on Butternut squash soup, and eat traditionally with roast turkey and stuffing.  Sides include gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, and cranberry sauce.  One bottle of wine for every 3 people makes this a Thanksgiving dinner at Qinoa you won’t forget.

055 290876
Vicolo di San Maria Maggiore, 1



COST: €30
Dinner from The Diner is back on the table this year with a €30 all inclusive meal!  Traditional American Style food awaits you at this student hotspot.  Call to reserve your seats.

055 290748
Via dell’Aqua 2


COST: €15
The most economical Turkey-Day option around will be found at Red Garter for a Thanksgiving gorge -sesh at only €15.  This includes stuffed turkey, baby carrots, sweet potato mash, green beans, roasted potatoes, peas, home-made pumpkin pie and an after dinner prosecco.

Football will be on the TV if that’s your tradition back at home, and after the Thanksgiving festivities end at 10, the party starts back up with karaoke!

Reservations can be made through the Facebook page or by calling.

Via dei Benci 33/r 35/r


COST: €28
The Florence University of the Art’s student ran restaurant is another great place to spend your Thanksgiving abroad.  Filled usually with international students, the wonderful atmosphere at Ganzo will keep you happy with a 6 course meal with 6 different wine pairings for only €28. Explanations of the pairing will be given at the beginning of the meal, so you can integrate a little bit of the Italian culture into your American meal as well.

055 241076
Via dei Macci 85/r

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