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This is a place for the dreamers, the travelers, the young, and the mighty.  A place for those seeking travel advice and a beautiful destination.  The Boho Traveller creates custom travel itineraries, offers travel advice to destinations all over the world, and compiles useful photography tips for travelers as well. 

On this site, you will find all sorts of travel tips, destination guides, and travel inspiration.

Services offered include Custom Travel Planning & Itineraries as well as Instagram and Blog consultations.

  • …wants to enjoy a great glass of wine while people-watching from a sidewalk cafe, rather than fighting the lines of a museum?
  • …would like to learn the culinary secrets of a region from a local, instead of just ordering from a menu?
  • …wishes to immerse yourself in the culture of location rather than just check off places on a map?

And you are my kind of traveler! Experiential travel is the focus with Explorateur, and we want to make your trip as unique and as memorable as you are! Explorateur is a full scope travel agency that offers custom itineraries focused on your specific interests.

All it takes is a few answers to our questions, and we’ll be off and running to create your dream trip!

For more information on using me as a travel agent head here!

How does working with me as a travel Agent Work?

1. Fill out the Inquiry Form 

2. Let’s chat!  After you fill out the Inquiry form I will be in contact to set up a time to talk with you to get a candid idea of what you are looking for. At this time we can brainstorm together and talk through logistics, and all the nitty gritty that it takes to make your getaway a reality.

3. RESEARCH TIME. We know this part takes some time…so let us do it for you! We work to find the best options for you that fit your style and budget. We will compile these and send them to you for review. All quotes for accommodations and flights are complimentary!

4. LET’S BOOK IT. Once we have worked together to tweak your itinerary until it is exactly how you envision your trip, we will handle the booking piece! We will help manage the deposit and payment process so you can sit back and get excited for your trip

5.  PLAN IT. We can add on itinerary creation services for $50 per day.* Our services include tour booking, transportation guidance (based on city),  restaurant suggestions/reservations**, city guides, and  general travel tips. We put emphasis on local and cultural activities within all of our itineraries.  Once everything is booked, we will send you a comprehensive itinerary that can be printed as a PDF, but also syncs with all smart devices in an app for easy reference


Travel Resources

These free resources are here for you to peruse at any time to help you plan your travels.  They can be used by anyone, though I mostly write for twenty to thirty-something women who have a zest for life and eager to travel the world.

1. Two Weeks in Italy

2. Scotland Travel Guide

3. Salem Massachusetts in October

4. How to Stay Overnight in the Amazon Rainforest

5. Complete Iceland Travel Guide


Travel Tips

Travel can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be scary! These travel tips will help you figure out all the difficult stuff, so you can worry about where you’re jetting off to next.

1. Ultimate Camera Gear List

2. Carry On Packing Essentials

3. 6 Things to Remember Before You Book Travel

4. Saving Money While Traveling – Budget Travel Tips

5. How To NOT Get Jetlag

 Who is The Boho Traveller?
You can learn more about me (hi, I’m Sydney!) by visiting the About Me page.  Here is my contact info.

What does The Boho Traveller stand for?
The Boho Traveller believes in and promotes beautiful, sustainable, and local travel all over the globe.  When it comes to travel itineraries and travel tips I always give my expert advice and would never recommend something I wouldn’t use/do/partake in myself.  These days it’s important to remember our carbon footprint, so I talk a lot about traveling sustainably and reducing that as well!

What can I expect to find on this site?
Travel Planning, Travel Tips, Sample Itineraries, Destination Guides, Presets, Blogging Tips, Photography Tips, Instagram & Blog Consultations & SO MUCH MORE!

How will The Boho Traveller help me?
I will help you to travel!  Whether it be through my Travel Planning services or through my blogging, I will help you travel to your dream destinations beautifully!

Where can I find The Boho on Social Media?
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are all great places to find me.