The Boho Presets-Summer Collection (desktop)


Click here to learn more & purchase my Summer Preset pack.  These presets are perfect for your summer photos, whether you be traveling, playing at the beach, watching a sunset, or just want year-round summer vibes for your photos.

These are for your DESKTOP version of Adobe Lightroom.  Please see here for the Mobile Presets.


Thank you SO much for stopping by to purchase my desktop presets!  I have worked hard on these for you, so welcome to my premier presets – Summer Collection!

This preset pack consists of 10 Lightroom presets.  7 daytime presets and 3 sunset presets.

I have a huge list below of one photo for each type, to give you an idea of the differences between each preset.  Certain presets will work better for certain photos, but most of them make any photo look good!  It’s important to note also that presets are not a one-stop shop, but you may have to tweak a few things once you apply the preset.  Usually, this is as simple as adjusting the exposure!

Once you purchase the presets you will receive the download link.  You may download your presets up to 3 times before the link expires. Please, back up your presets.

After the file is downloaded open up Lightroom on your computer and import the presets.

Voila!  You have presets there to make your photos beautiful at any time.


If you have any questions DM me on Instagram or send me an email at [email protected]


Desktop presets are designed desktop software Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC . To use the desktop preset you will need to have the monthly Adobe Subscription to Lightroom.  This costs $15 a month (or $9 if you are a student). These are intended for RAW images only (not JPEG) – you need an Adobe subscription to use these presets. This purchase does not include mobile presets.

Choose one of these options if you are looking to purchase the Mobile Presets or the Desktop & Mobile combined package


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