Notes From The Bilge

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The bilge is the lowest part of a ship where the bottom curves up to meet the sides. The water that collects there is also called bilge. Since bilge is dirty and smelly, the word is also slang for “nonsense.”

Notes From the Bilge is a collection of all of the thoughts that accumulate while sailing on board a tall ship.  Growing up on a sailing vessel, there are many things you learn from a dad who loves to fill himself with useless knowledge, most of it nautical.  Here are some of my favorite ones, and some history, just to let the history nerd in me out occasionally.


7/12/16 Saint Elmo’s Fire

4/06/16 How to Pick a Pirate out of a Group of Privateers

3/22/16 Elbow Off Please!

3/7/16 Three Square Meals

2/9/16 A Sailor’s Valentine

2/16/16 Alligator Schooners