Barcelona Travels

Having grown up on the water I was glad to get out of landlocked Florence for a few days and be able to smell the sea breeze.  Barcelona is an amazing city, and I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed it.  


Note that if you are flying from another EU country with RyanAir, for this particular city, you might want to reconsider.

We managed to fly from Pisa (a €6 bus ticket from Florence S.M.N., and about a 45 minute ride) into GRO for €23.50 there and €12.50 for the return.  It seems like a great deal, but you have an extra hour and 15 minutes to get from the airport to Barcelona Estacio del Nord, and the bus ticket to the airport and back is €25 round trip.  The only bus that runs is Barcelona Bus, and there’s really no other option. Tickets can be bought there at the window.  You still save some money, but you have to decide if the extra bus time is worth it. 


We unfortunately made the fatal mistake of not buying a subway pass.  If you are in Barcelona for at least 3 days-GET IT.  You will take the subway more times than you will think and it saves time and money to not have to constantly buy a new ticket when you just want to get to dinner.  

Cabs in Barcelona are also very safe, and relatively cheap compared to other cities I’ve visited.  On average a cab ride cost us anywhere from €6-€16, and the higher end was when we were traveling from one side of town to the opposite.  So if you’re in a time crunch, cab is an easy and quick way to go.  Just be aware that most of the cab drivers speak very little English, so have the map pulled up on your phone with the address. Continue reading “Barcelona Travels”