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    Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: A Las Vegas MUST

    Peace, Love, and Happy Travels ūüôā The most exciting excursion ever - Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour with Papillon Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour There are few things that sound more majestic than a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.¬† What made our trip even more majestic was the touchdown in the bottom of the canyon along the Colorado¬†River complete with a champagne picnic as the sun set over the canyon walls.¬† Yes, THAT is majestic.¬† On a trip to Las Vegas, this is the quickest, easiest, and possibly most exciting way you could ever explore the grand canyon.¬† We chose to make our¬†departure with Papillon, and it was one of the best…

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    A Weekend in Miami: 5 Things to Do

    Having thoughts about taking a trip to Miami? ¬†I just recently went visiting a friend so¬†check out my top 5 things to do! See the Wynwood Art District Quite possibly the trendiest place in Miami, Wynwood is covered in art from pavement to roof. ¬†Visit the Wynwood walls and stroll through the nearby areas to see some really unique street art, and get your colorful vibe on! Rent a boat and hit the sandbar If you have some money to spend, are really good at making random friends, or just have some friends with boats, hop on board and head on out to the sandbar for a truly Miami experience…

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    A Quick Miami Money Guide

    With an average of over 15.4 million visitors every year, it’s no joke Miami is a hot tourist destination. ¬†But as with most big cities infiltrated with heavy traveler traffic, comes the joy of skyrocketing prices. ¬†Here are some averages on what you can expect to spend during your time¬†in Miami. Drinks Like to go out and enjoy a nice evening with some drinks after dinner? ¬†You can expect to spend around $11/$12 on well drinks, $15/$16 for a long drink, and more for specialty drinks. ? Two Cute Bars I can recommend for normal [Miami priced] drinks: Blackbird Ordinary-Kinda grungy and hippie, with loud music, but good drinks and…