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    Tangier, Morocco – City Guide

    Tangier is located in the north of Morocco – only 10 miles south of Spain if you were to swim through the straight of Gibraltar.  Tangier is a large city with many different cultural identities.  While in Tangier you will find that most people speak 3 languages -French, Arabic, and Spanish.  In most tourist areas, people will know and speak English as well.  Being so close to Spain, Tangier will feel more European than any other city in Morocco and is a great starting point after a trip to Spain, or a great place to end your trip in Morocco and head to Spain.  Flights from Madrid to Tangier cost…

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    What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman

    Morocco is a beautiful country with a wide-ranging landscape and vibrant and bustling cities.  The coast is full of quaint fishing towns and some of the world’s most unique surf spots, while inland buzzes with bustling souks crowding the winding Medina streets.  Looking past the snake charmers, wonderful rugs, stray cats and Arabic design found everywhere, await welcoming hosts and beautiful people.  But the question remains.  What is a westerner to wear in a country as unique as this?  Here is your guide on what to wear in Morocco as a woman. Visiting Morocco soon?  Check out my advice on visiting the Sahara Desert! GENERAL ADVICE Light-colored clothing Loose fitting clothing…

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    Sahara Desert of Morocco: Dream Come True

    ***While this post is sponsored by Jrana Tours Morocco, all accounts are true to my experience.  If you have any questions about my being a guest or what this means, please feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.  Happy exploring!*** Why Go to the Sahara Desert The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world, apart from Antarctica and the Arctic, both of which are cold deserts.  It runs through 11 countries in North Africa and as a wonder of Africa is a lifetime bucket list item.  But, apart from all these things, why make a trip to see a bunch of sand? …

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