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IMG_8310Hello, I'm Sydney Zaruba and I am the Boho Traveller!

I currently live in Florence, Italy, sipping 5 espressos a day, and eating far too much cheese.

I'm a Senior at the University of Florida with a major in Telecommunication News and concentration in Theatre. My mother gave life to me in Key West, Florida.  My parents worked at a water sports business in the Keys. My dad made money giving sailing lessons, and my mom pretty much ran everything else at the business. When I was born my parents lived on a 32 foot West Sail Sailboat, the Athene (believe me, that's very small for 2 people and their baby!). My first experience traveling was on board the Athene at two weeks old to visit the Dry Tortugas.

After I turned 6 we moved to Saint Augustine, and I continued to sail on board my family's new boat, the Schooner Freedom, a a 76 foot charter boat.  Still operating for the 16th year now, we take tourists out on 2 hour sailing excursions, just to give them a taste of life on the high seas.

Fortunately for me, my parents raised me with gypsy roots, traveling all over the United States. Tagging along with us would be my younger brother, and often our dogs, the cat, and sometimes even Grandmama.  Cross country road trips were more frequent than not, and my desire for travel can be directly related back to my nomad feet upbringing.  Thanks to my parents, I can never sit still in one place for too long.

Not having too much money growing up- frugality has always been a huge part of traveling for me. The RV we traveled in was a hand-me-down from my dad's dad- a 1985 Vogue...nothing fancy.  This meant staying at campsites for $15 a night, and eating in our kitchen right there.  The biggest expense was just the gas to get around.

I started up The Boho Travel just this past year. My goal is to to give people down-to-earth travel advice, tips, and tricks.  I want to share my own unique story of how I came to get where I am now. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I want to help people find their own way, with the help of my logical travel advice. 

For travels as of now, Europe fascinates me, the history itself calls to my very soul.  My goal at the moment? Make my way around as many countries as I can before I run out of money (which will be sooner than later), or before they (whoever "they" is) ship me back home.  

I spend my free time (while not doing school work or actual work work) plotting when my next flight will be.  I love all new experiences, whether it be camping in the lonely countryside, or trying a trendy new bar in a big city.  As long as I can soak in a new culture, or walk in a new way of life for a few days, I'm happy.

My advice to all travelers and those who want to take on the world; You can't plan out your whole life, float to where the wind takes you.


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5 thoughts on “About The Boho Traveller

  1. Hi Sydney,

    I really enjoy reading your blog on traveling. Like you, I have a boyfriend that lives in Europe. I have been spending time with him and traveling. Your blog is really lovely and inspiring!! Though I only started this blog for our RTV class, yours makes me want to continue blogging after!

    – Valerie

    1. Thank you!! My aim is to inspire and provoke people to travel and to tell their story to others so I’m glad I’ve been able to do that for you! Let me know if you ever need any travel advice- chances are I, or someone I know well, have been there.

  2. Dude, inspiring as hell! I loved reading your story and I think, like Valerie said, that I’m going to keep blogging after the class, too!

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