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Fall is coming in hot ladies, and fall fashion is back better than ever.  Apart from dusting off our oversized sweaters and my multitude of jeans that haven’t been touched in months (thanks Florida), there are a few new trends I am hopping on the bandwagon with, and I don’t want you to be left out! I also don’t want any of us to break the bank, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite finds on Amazon for less than $20.  You’re welcome!

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The Perfect Fall Fashion Find – An Adorable Hat

Fall fashion is calling, and so are hats!  Hats are in my friends, and this hat comes in at under $15.  Cute for literally any occasion, you gotta add this one to your wardrobe ASAP.

Fall Blouse – Perfect for Pumpkin Patch Picking

I just got something very similar from @leoniehanne earlier this week, but unfortunately that The Amazon Drop collection is done (they only last 30 hours!).  However, I found this super cute blouse for much cheaper than I paid.  It’s sure to make all your pumpkin patch photos SUPER cute.  Pair it with a fun poncho, like the one below, and you’re going to be stylin’ and profilin’.  No fall fashion is complete without an adorable flare sleeved blouse.

Poncho Perfect – Fall Warmth is a necessity!

I know this falls right over the $20 mark, but it was so cute and comes in so many different patterns I HAD to share.  For all of you that live in leaf changing regions, know that I am MEGA jealous.

The Classic and Ever Essential Fall Fashion – The Loafer

Loafers are SO in right now and I am living for it.  We’re all out here channeling our innermost Sabrina the teenage witch, and it is LIFE!  Get on this loafer trend now, before you have some major regerts.

Moody Florals- Fall Fashion Doesn’t mean the flowers on our tresses have to Die

I’m so glad I don’t have to give up my florals just because it’s fall. Get yourself some deep moody florals, a sweater, and your new loafers, and you’re gonna be the trendiest of your friends. #bet


Ok, I had a hard time getting on this trend, and I now love it.  After I finish writing this blog actually I’m going to go and scour goodwill for a blazer that is just right.  But for those of you who prefer to shop from home, this men’s blazer on Amazon is $15 and absolutely a GEM. I’m even going to provide an example of why this look is so fab right now because I KNOW you aren’t going to trust me.


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Everything Leopard

Classic.  Do I even need to explain?

Plaid Plaid Plaid

We all know that your fave flannel is a classic fall fashion staple, but have you tried to incorporate plaid in other aspects? I’m really loving a plaid skort I just recently bought.  I also have peeped a few plaid bags which look fantastic with an all-black look.


Which one of these fall finds is your fave?  Do you already have any in your wardrobe? Are there any you DEFINITELY won’t be putting on your body?  Let me know in the comments below!