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What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman

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Morocco is a beautiful country with a wide-ranging landscape and vibrant and bustling cities.  The coast is full of quaint fishing towns and some of the world’s most unique surf spots, while inland buzzes with bustling souks crowding the winding Medina streets.  Looking past the snake charmers, wonderful rugs, stray cats and Arabic design found everywhere, await welcoming hosts and beautiful people.  But the question remains.  What is a westerner to wear in a country as unique as this?  Here is your guide on what to wear in Morocco as a woman.

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Light-colored clothing
Loose fitting clothing
Covered Shoulders
Covered Knees
Light Scarves are your best friend (You will need your hair covered if you visit any mosques, and if you’re blonde, sometimes it’s nice to not have attention drawn to you)
Good Walking Shoes


Morocco’s population is majority Muslim.  Please respect the Muslim culture and yourself and dress accordingly.  This doesn’t mean you have to go full send hijab, but you should dress more moderately than you are used to in most western countries.  Shoulders and knees should be covered, and since it is a desert, you are going to want the clothing to be loose and flowing.  Check out some of my favorite styles from this trip.

White T-Shirt (Target), White Pants (Nasty Gal), White Kimono Target
Check out Saved by The Dress for Similar Styles


Check out Saved by the Dress for Similar Styles


Visit Nasty Gal for a similar style.


For Similar styles check out Saved by the Dress

For similar styles check out Saved by the Dress.


To be honest with you, there isn’t a lot of Nightlife in the Tourist Sections of Morocco.  If you’re lucky enough to make friends with a local and go to one of the clubs or bars in the big city, the people there will be dressed like any nightclub anywhere, except perhaps slightly more modest.  We had the pleasure of going to a club in Marrakech and there was a belly dancer who performed.  It was amazing.


What to wear in Morocco at your riad?  Swimwear.  But not any swimwear….a bathing suit to match the culture and the vibe of this puzzling country.

Blue Plunging One Piece

Turn heads with amazing swimsuits like this one at the Riads in Morocco.  The blue matches the perfect aesthetic of Morocco’s Vibrant Culture, and the one piece makes it just a little more demure for the cultural respect of the country.

High Legged One Piece

Keep it simple and gorgeous in white.  Show off some leg as you step into the pool because you certainly won’t be doing that anywhere else in Morocco.  Enjoy your time in little clothing before you cover back up and head out in the medina.

Whiskini Bikinis at Riad Puchka in Marrakech

At the riads or the beach, you can pretty much go any which way you want.  You know my favorite bikinis are always from Whiskini Bikinis.  So check them out and use code BOHOTRAVEL to save 10%

Whiskini Bikinis at Riad Les Ammonites in Marrakech


Packing List

Always remember- it’s best to keep all your clothing to one color scheme (I go neutrals) so that you can mix and match your outfits.  It will save you a lot of dress and you won’t be ‘repeating outfits’ nearly as much.  (The list is for a 10-day trip- we went for 18 days and did laundry once)

2-3 tea length skirts
2-3 linen pants
1 pair jeans
4-5 tops
3-4 tea length dresses
Good sandals
Closed toed sturdy shoes (sneakers, vans, teaks etc.)
Heavier Cardigan
Kimono/Ultra Light Sweater
Light Weight Scarf

If you have any questions on what to wear in Morocco, don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below!!

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