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What to Wear in the Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys are full of island time just a short spurt from home (for me at least). The little chain of islands on the south end of Florida are full of crystal blue waters thanks to the gulf stream, outdoor activities, and lots of booze.  If you fly into Miami, the furthest key away from there (Key West) is a 3-3.5 hour drive.  Not wanting to drive? Instead, you can hop on the booze cruise formally known to the locals as the Key West Express for a short boat ride to the relaxation station American Isles.  Once there it’s all Margaritaville, sunshine, and bikinis.

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In the Florida Keys, there is an “anything goes” mentality.  I’m a native Conch, meaning I was born in Key West.  I am a 7th generation Floridian (that’s a feat within itself) – so believe me when I say anything goes.  My parents have a friend whom while we lived in Key West got pulled over after running 27 stop signs.  The cop laughed and didn’t even issue him one ticket. Anything. Goes.

But don’t be fooled, the keys have so much more to offer than debauchery on Duval Street (though this is definitely worth a visit, especially during Fantasy Fest.)  From fishing, snorkeling reefs, free diving, scuba diving Touchdown Jesus (read about him…he’s pretty cool), to kayaking the mangroves and hunting down lobster- there is something for everyone in the Florida Keys.

But what to wear!?!? Fret not, I am here with your fashion guide for the Florida Keys- from a local.

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Less is More in the Florida Keys

In a place that boasts a naked bar (yep…naked people- usually old- partying it up)- this is a place where less is more.  Break out all your crop tops and booty shorts, because now is the time to wear them.  Not only in the summer will it be 98 degrees F outside, but there will also be at least 80% humidity.  Those hideous Hawaiian shirts your boyfriend has been hoarding in his closet since that Fraternity Party in ’09 he keeps swearing will come back in style one day?  Break ’em out sister – one for you to tie up in cute crop top style, and one for him to wear unbuttoned.  Grab the tequila and you are in Margaritaville, baby!

If you want to be a little classier and cute try for some adorable paired sets from Saved By The Dress – they are adorable and affordable – my kind of jam!  Easy to slip on and off, and you can just wear half of it and you have a totally new outfit! Check out some of my favorite styles below.

Saved By the Dress Gingham Set in the Florida Keys by the Boho Traveller
Sipping on a guava concoction in the Florida Keys in this Gingham Set from Saved by the Dress.


Adorable Flowered Set from Saved By the Dress


flowered set florida keys sunset
Gorgeous sunset in the Florida Keys in this Floral Set from Saved by the Dress.


Bikinis Bikinis Bikinis – All You Really Need in the Florida Keys

whisking bikinis swimsuit The Boho Traveller in Florida Keys
Use Code BOHOTRAVEL @ Whiskini Bikinis to save 10% off your order – and look great in the Florida Keys!

Be even bolder and just wear a bikini top (and bottoms if that’s your style everywhere).  If you live somewhere you will get a lot of use out of your bikini, or you travel a ton and want a great reversible bikini to mix and match and last you forever, head over to  Whiskini Bikinis… a local Florida company based out of the town I grew up in, Saint Augustine.  Sarah Harmon, the owner sends her bikinis all over the world to professional surfers, swimmers, and influencers, and they are of the highest quality.  They are all customizable, reversible, and sized EXACTLY to you, so you KNOW they are going to fit.

Sometimes orders can take a while to turn around during the busy season- so make sure to get your order in early!!  At a totally reasonable price, these kinis will last you forever, and it’s like a 2- in- 1 with every piece you buy!

USE CODE BOHOTRAVEL to get 10% off your order!


And if you don’t really care about quality, you just want something cheap and cute, hit up Zaful.  They are one of those cheap online clothing stores, but I actually will shop from this page because their pictures are exactly what they say they are, there is no 3rd party retailer, at least from what I can see.  They aren’t going to last you years, BUT you can get some really trendy pieces for a few wears without breaking the bank.

Zaful Bikini the boho traveller in florida keys
Rocking an adorable high legged Zaful swimsuit in the Florida Keys



Catching Rays is all the rave down in the keys, I mean duh- you’re on an island…but what products to use?  I am here to tell you exactly what I use to save my acne prone skin and get glowing golden tones. (Please, if you are white as paper, use the highest SPF possible….always protect your skin first and foremost, then add what I have going on here for a little extra glow.)

Maui Secret Browning Oil

Get that sexy oiled up sheen and soak up the rays with this amazing tanning oil!  Smells good and looks good!  Be warned… you WILL become your own oil slick.

Amazon – $13.99


Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock Lotion

As someone who has always been highly prone to acne, this is the only sunblock I will put on my face.  It never lets my face burn,  I don’t break out, and I rarely have to reapply.  I put it on before I do my makeup when I go to work, and it lasts me all day.  Worth the investment.  At $13.49, is it really an investment?  Yes.  Save. Your. Face.

Amazon – $13.49

No trip is complete without some headgear.  Get a few cute hats to help keep your face out of the sun during your relaxation time!

Or go for a more “resort” look and go for an adorable wide-brimmed hat.


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