With an average of over 15.4 million visitors every year, it’s no joke Miami is a hot tourist destination.  But as with most big cities infiltrated with heavy traveler traffic, comes the joy of skyrocketing prices.  Here are some averages on what you can expect to spend during your time in Miami.


Like to go out and enjoy a nice evening with some drinks after dinner?  You can expect to spend around $11/$12 on well drinks, $15/$16 for a long drink, and more for specialty drinks. ?

Two Cute Bars I can recommend for normal [Miami priced] drinks:

Blackbird Ordinary-Kinda grungy and hippie, with loud music, but good drinks and good vibes.  A younger crowd where people can just hang out and dance in the back courtyard.
Pawn Broker-MY FAVE!! So cute, on a rooftop (you enter the hotel and take the elevator up).  They play on an old movie on a projector on the side of another building and have all sorts of specialty drinks, including some in a miniature bathtub.  Good vibes, good people, and good drinks.



There’s hardly a place in Miami you can park for under $5, and any parking garage is at least $10 for the most part.  Not only that, but parking is difficult to find (was for me at least), and people in Miami drive like maniacs.  Good luck, friends.

Cheap Meals do not Exist

Unless you want to eat at McDonald’s the whole time, expect to spend $14 and up on meals.  Also – free refills were rare.


If you take the Turnpike, know you’re gonna hit tolls!! If you want to avoid them drive on 95 as far as you can…traffic is usually much worse…but you could save a pretty penny.


The cheapest hotels in the city were just over 100 a night on booking.com, so don’t expect cheap, and if you want luxury, be prepared to fork out some cash!

Apart from dropping much more money than I had planned, Miami was an amazing experience, so just make sure you have a little more saved than you originally planned before you go!

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