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Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday when it comes to gifts, are you serious enough to buy jewelry, or is it a new blossoming relationship and you should stick to chocolate and flowers.  What about if you’re a woman, do you buy your SO a gift?  Are we sticking to gender roles or is this still the 21st century?   What do you buy for the person who never wants anything??

Either you’re good at buying presents, or you suck, but either way I am here to help you pick out some V-Day presents for your travelling love, or, slightly related your Long Distance Relationship!

  1. Matching Coordinate Wanderer Bracelets

    Nothing says I love you than matching coordinates always on your wrist.  Keep your loved one close at hand, with this little (and cute!) reminder of where they live, where you met, or a favorite destination you two frequent together.

    Use code BOHOTRAVEL20 to save 20% at checkout! ❤️

  2. A Flight!

    If you have a little more dough to spend, surprise your loved one with a trip somewhere!  Flights to Europe are low right now (I’ve seen some in the 300s!) or if you can’t book a flight maybe just plan a weekend getaway for the two of you. To figure out how to get the best deals on flights check out this post.

  3. State to State Necklace

    THESE ARE SO CUTE, and I’ve always wanted one, except my LDR is in Italy while I’m in Florida, so state to state wouldn’t really work.  If you’re rockin’ the LDR with your current SO, check out these and give them a try! 

  4. Sand Cloud Towel & a Picnic

    Always a win in my book is to plan a picnic for Valentine’s Day (if you don’t live in the snow!), so add a little something extra to it by giving your loved one an amazing towel/blanket they can keep for the next time you guys plan an adventure!  Plus with Sand Cloud every purchase helps to protect marine life.  Spreading the love in all directions! ?

    Save 25% with code BOHOTRAVEL25.

  5. A Watch

    So you can keep track of the hours you spend together, and remember all of those important FaceTime dates.  Here are two I’ve heard are great!

    World Map Watch
    Daniel Wellington

  6. World Map

    You know like the one you hang up on the wall and pin everywhere you’ve been?  Except this time you get these adorable little heart pins and pin the places you’ve been together with those, and then each have your own color for the places you’ve been separately.  How cute is that!  Especially if you have a home together ?

  7. Locket

    I don’t know when these went out of style, but I’m saying we should bring them back.  Keep bae near your heart with a cute picture as you travel the world so they’re always around.

  8. A Trip on the Schooner Freedom

    For my friends in North Florida, come and visit me on Valentine’s Day and spend an evening on the water in beautiful and historic Saint Augustine with a 2 hour sunset sail. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and let me know what you bought your special person in the comments below!

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