The 7 People You Meet on Your Study Abroad

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Even two years later I'm nostalgic about my study abroad.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and even though I am a better traveller now (read INFINITELY BETTER), my time studying in Florence introduced me to an exhausting and exhilarating lifestyle full of flight hopping, train skipping, bus traversing, and visiting a whole world full of new experiences.  Study abroad is different for everyone, and each person's unique experience shapes them.  There are better and worse ways to get the most out of your time in Europe, but there is never a wrong way to travel.  Someone everyone learns quickly is how many different types of people you will meet along the way.  Almost as interesting as the locals you come into contact with?  The different people who study abroad with you!  Read on to find out about the 7 different types of people on your study abroad (just to name a few), complete with pictures from my experience two years ago (has it really been that long!?!?) just for your viewing pleasure.  (I had just been introduced to eyebrows and contour...please enjoy my baby face.)


The Partier

Lions Fountain, Florence

You're on study abroad, you're under 21, and for the first time in your life you can drink in public!! There's always that one person (or group of friends) who are extra.  They are out every single night, regardless of class, exam, or project presentation the next day. Somehow they always bounce back and make it to class, looking a little worse for wear, but ready to do it all again the following night.  How they don't have an eternal hangover is baffling to everyone, and you're slightly jealous of their youthful spryness and beer fund.  

The Hater

Bell Tower, Florence, Italy

The person everyone is nice to, but mostly to not get blasted on social media.  This is the person who hates where they are studying, and no one can quite figure out why.  It's not because they're homesick- but because they have some personal vendetta against the city they are studying in.  Why? I just don't know, but I'm just gonna let them hate and sadly accept it.

The One Who Might "Accidentally" Miss Their Flight Back

Venice, Italy

There's always one in every group.  They jokingly say all throughout the semester they're never leaving, and as the days get closer and closer to departure you actually begin to wonder if they really will stay.  These are usually the people who move back abroad after graduation, or travel extensively after finishing their degree.  You know the type.  Those kids who start a travel blog. Sheesh.  No one likes them! 😏 😉

The Homesick One

Can we just discuss for a second how better iPhone photo quality has increased since 2015!?!?! The ONLY reason I included this photo!

You feel bad for them, but you also can't quite comprehend why they would rather be at home during one of the most exciting times of their lives.  Typically these people stay in their rooms a lot and focus on school so they aren't thinking too much of missing home.  The best way to deal with a homesick person is to continue inviting them to everything you do, but don't pressure them to participate- everyone handles homesickness in their own way!  Ask them if there's anything you can do to help and do as they ask, as long as it's within your limitations!

The One Who’s “Been to Europe Before”

View from Anacapri

AKA the know-it-all.  Miss (or mister) been there done that.  They probably travelled to Europe for 3 weeks with their parents 3 summers ago.  Or maybe one of their parents is from somewhere in Europe which apparently makes them a walking travel book.  Take what they say worth a grain of salt, making to do your own research before setting out for a weekend trip.  You'll be better off in the end, and more educated!  Yay learning!

The Planner

Capri, Italy

PRAISE.  The one who doesn't procrastinate and plans everything.  The person who plans every single trip you venture. From finding hostels and Air BnBs, to booking train tickets and giving you a rough itinerary. The planner gets down to business and puts their travel guru mask to make life a whole lot easier.  Be sure to do your research and add your two-cents in on where you might want to go so you don't miss out!

The One Who’s Down for Anything

Lions Fountain, Florence

Want to go skydiving? Sure!! Want to go hiking today? Sure!  Want to drink wine in the Piazza and people watch? Sure!  Want to take a day trip tomorrow? Sure! Where to!?
This person is great to have as a roommate or BSAFF (best study abroad friend forever) because they are down for ANY adventure.  They're there with you no matter what and will be by your side through tourist traps, drunken secret bakery runs , miserable transport adventures, and all your foreign boy dates, good and bad.  They're next to you in class and on trains to a new county, and you don't know how you would have survived without them being your roommate.


Who did you meet on your study abroad!?  Were you the planner, or were you the partier?  Let me know in the comments below!

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