My 8 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

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  1. Truly Dedicate Myself to Travel

    And this is saying a lot since I traveled a ton in 2016, but I want to make 2017 even bigger. Currently gearing up I have plans to go to Peru in May, and I move back to Italy at the end of August.  I’ll let you know about those upcoming adventures then, but the first half of 2017 will be working toward an amazing second crazy travel half of 2017- but don’t think my adventures stop while I am working, there will be adventures in the US I will be tackling, and you’ll be amazed at some of the things just in my home state.  You guys are going to love it.

  2. Stop Comparing Myself to Other Bloggers/ Other People on Social Media

    I AM SO GUILTY. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been blogging for 3 months, 3 days 5 years or 15 eons, I am going to stalk their page to no end and compare myself.  Now to keep myself honest, I don’t often read what other bloggers write, mostly because I don’t want their writing to affect the way I write (subconsciously, but still!).  This is something I need to work on where it can be constructive, I need to watch it so it doesn’t get to a point where it is destructive.
    This is not to say there can't be positive comparison to fuel healthy competition.  If someone who owns an account inspires you, by all means look to them for inspiration and ideas, but don't attempt to mimic them- then you aren't being true to yourself and your page won't be unique.

  3. Find My Peace with the Moment

    Whether it be enjoying soup on the couch with my boyfriend, sitting and watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle, walking through downtown Saint Augustine, taking an exam on campus, or wandering through the streets of Florence. I plan to just let where I am affect me more and not become desensitized to where I am and the moment I am in.

  4. Work Harder than Ever- Which Means I can Play Harder than Ever

    Even my "work" right now isn't really work...this is my view every night while working on board the Schooner Freedom.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I’m working for the first half of 2017, and the second half is going to be all play. I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree this upcoming semester, and then the following few months after that I’m working 6 days a week so I have plenty in savings to travel my butt off come time to move back to Florence.  From there it’s play, play, play- with a little bit of work so I don’t get out of control!

  5. Stop Worrying what People will Think When I Tell Them my “Plan”

    I get so sick of people judging me for telling them that I want to dedicate this portion of my life to travel.  I either get the "oh wow that's so amazing!" response, or I get a "well that's not much of a plan, what are you actually going to do with your degree"...And it's THOSE PEOPLE that make me so scared to follow my dreams sometimes.  The people who tell me I travel too much (uh...what!?!?) and who think I'm crazy for living overseas.  Those who look down on me for saying I'm going to Peru, or when I tell them that I lived and worked in Italy for 8 months they just scoff.  My goal in 2017 is to rid myself of those negative people, and when they do cross my path just brush 'em off .

  6. Remember to Stay Fit While Traveling

    Fortunately enough I actually lost weight while living in Italy, but unfortunately I lost a lot of muscle from not hitting the gym.  Traveling keeps you slim as you walk a lot, but for me, the urge to get fit has hit harder than ever as I come home and my dad tells me I've lost all my  So from here on out I am going to make sure I stay fit while I'm traveling and while living abroad.  This means eating right, staying active, and even hitting the gym on my slow days in Florence.

    For how to stay fit while living abroad and avoiding that "study-abroad 15", check out this post!
  7. Remember to Set Down my Phone & Remember to Pick it Up

    Set down your phone when you're out at dinner (we know we're all guilty of it), but remember it's OK to pick up your phone and take pictures to immortalize a moment. Just find the healthy balance and eliminate the negative phone time.

  8. Remember that My Goal is to Inspire

    Every single Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter post, every blog entry, and every video upload, my goal is to inspire someone to get up and travel.  If I can just inspire 1 person, that is incredible, if I can inspire 10,000 people that is AMAZING.  I want to show people that it is possible to do it, you can just get up and go, all it takes is a little bit of hard work, and then there's a whole lot of play afterward.

If this post inspired you PLEASE let me know in the comments below!! And happy new year!!!!

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3 thoughts on “My 8 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

  1. Love all your goals! Number 2 especially resonates with me. I have a pretty solid albeit small following on my equally as small blog, yet I constantly find myself green with envy over all these megabucks bloggers with hundreds of thousands of people following their lives. I forget that I don’t actually want that. I didn’t get into blogging for fame or money, I got into it because I like writing, and I like sharing my experiences with those who wish to read about them.
    I’m so jealous you’re heading to Peru!! It’s one of my favourite countries – have visited three times in the space of 4 and a half years; it’s somewhere I’ll never get bored of!

    1. Amazing!! It’s definitely something important to remember! I write and film/photog for myself, and hopefully to inspire at least one person to get up and travel! I want to share my experience and if nobody wants to read them, that’s ok!! I’ll know I had a fun time ??

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