If you’re from Florida, you know we don’t always have what people call a “traditional” Christmas- but that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate in our own amazing way!  If you’re not from Florida- well maybe you should consider moving because I don’t know about you, but I am loving walking outside in shorts in the middle of December.

  1. We don’t always have the most traditional Christmas trees.
  2. But we do have traditional attire.
  3. It’s not abnormal to head out to the beach after presents are opened.
  4. Which makes our definition of a “white Christmas” a little bit different than everywhere else.
  5. And instead of snow angels, we make sand angels.

    Making sand angels on the beach.
  6. Our Christmas Eve football game takes place in 80 degree weather.
  7. But then we have to explain to the kids how Santa gets in when there’s no chimney in the house.
  8. And we also have some of the most beautiful lights in the world in Saint Augustine.
  9. Which are stunning to view from the water (where it’s not cold!)
  10. And somehow we make palm trees and Christmas go together.
  11. If you (or your family) haven’t sent out a passive beach Christmas card- you probably aren’t real Floridians.

Merry Christmas from your Floridian Blogger!!

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