—Been there, said that!—

If you’ve studied abroad in Florence, I can almost guarantee that you’ve said at least one of these things, if not all 100.  Florence will always be every study abroad student’s home away from home.

  1. I think we’re lost…
  2. Oh my god, that gelato looks amazing.
  3. Wait, which way is the duomo?
  4. I want pizza for dinner.
  5. God, the pasta here is SO GOOD.
  6. Alright, where are we drinking tonight?
  7. Why does nobody here speak English?!
  8. Oh god, everyone here is speaking English…
  9. Why is dinner so late here?
  10. I need to call my mom.
  12. Pizza again for dinner?…yeah okay.
  13. Lets go drink in Piazzale Michelangelo tonight!
  14. Alright, we’re definitely lost.
  15. Can you marry a country?
  16. What time is it back at home?  Can I post to Instagram yet?
  17. God, this coffee is so good.
  18. OK let’s make a deal to go to the Uffizi next week.
  19. How is this Insta Caption? Have I posted too much this week?
  20. Let’s start off at Lion’s so we can get our free shots!
  21. Why is there no such thing as real breakfast here?
  22. I think I’m gonna stay in tonight…I really need to rest *get’s dragged out by roommates 3 hours later*
  23. What time does our train leave?
  24. Can I have wine with lunch in between classes?  Suuure it’ll be fine.
  25. UGH the workers are on strike…AGAIN.
  26. I still haven’t been to the Academia yet…
  27. I don’t think I can ever pasta again.
  28. Let’s go ride on the Carousel!!
  29. *Names a Gelateria* is the best gelato I’ve had in my entire life.
  30. Do you think he’s Italian or an Albanian? Also is he cute or am I just drunk? Ehhhh whatever.
  31. Ugh…can I have gniocchi two nights in a row, or is that too much?
  32. Oh wait, they’re American, let’s get them to take our picture.
  34. Will you take a photo of me in front of *lists every historic monument in Italy*?
  35. Holy sh*t that was the best meal of my life.
  36. Let’s try somewhere new tonight!
  37. Where should we travel to this weekend?
  38. Is this even really my life?
  39. I feel like I’ve gotten really good at math with never having split checks…
  40. Lets get a bottle of wine (or 2) and pregame on the Ponte Vecchio!
  41. More tour promoters…lets go this way instead!
  42. I need nachos and french fries STAT.
  43. What is up with the bathrooms here?
  44. I am NEVER drinking again *gets drunk at Uncle Jimmy’s approximately 5 hours later*
  45. Another tour group…RUN!
  46. *trips on cobblestone* CAZZO…I think I just broke an ankle.
  47. Oooh that’s SO pretty! Let me take a picture real quick.
  48. If one more person offers me a selfie stick I am going to take it and break it over their head.
  49. Wait, we only have a month left here!?!?
  50. How are Italian women so effortlessly beautiful and STYLISH?
  51. Oh god….I hooked up with a promoter last night….
  52. Let’s go get fresh veggies at Mercato Centrale tomorrow.
  53. I think Piazza Santa Croce is my favorite. 
  54. Let’s go get some Pino’s!
  55. Lets go watch the sun set over the Ponte Vecchio!
  56. I need tacos!! Let’s go to El Chicos!
  57. Do I look too American right now?
  58. Should I have a Negroni or a prosecco….what kind of night should tonight be?
  59. I don’t have any cash, I’ll need to stop at the ATM.
  60. Have you had Gusta Pizza yet?  It’s amazing!
  61. Where is the closest gelateria to here? I’m on round 2 for today.
  62. Wow….look at that view!
  63. I’m going to call my sister…I miss home.
  64. OMG why is there no heat/AC ANYWHERE!?
  65. How do you say *Let’s Bang* in Italian?
  66. I just dropped like €200 at Zara.
  67. Oh my god what did we even DO last night?
  68. I only have wine class on Thursdays…I guess I could skip it!
  69. I want Chipotle so bad right now.
  70. *death by cobblestone*
  71. Why doesn’t anyone take card?
  72. Oh my god so last night at Uncle Jimmy’s….
  73. Wow….the Duomo never fails to amaze me.
  74. I literally have €5.23 to my name right now….guess it’s time to call dad…
  75. Do you think my parents would let me stay another semester?
  76. Do you think we should maybe work out…? I’m starting to get a pasta belly….nahhhh.
  77. Wow, this flight is so cheap!  I love European transportation!
  78. Italian men are so pretty.
  79. Let’s do aperitivo tonight, I don’t really need a full meal.
  80. My feet are killing me, but these shoes….
  81. Let’s get breakfast at Le Vespe tomorrow! I could really use a breakfast burrito.
  82. Are those…rats…in the Arno…?
  83. Oh my god this train bathroom will be the death of me…I hate European transportation.
  84. Does everyone smoke here?
  85. I’m definitely taking a nap in between classes today.
  86. I think I’ve gained like 15 pounds since we got here….oh well.
  87. This place is so beautiful.
  88. Aaaaaaallora…
  89. God, this train smells awful.
  90. Why doesn’t ranch dressing exist here?
  91. We will climb to the top of the Duomo eventually….
  92. I think I’m going to purposefully miss my flight home.
  93. This was not enough time here.
  94. Why are the bathrooms never free and always so gross?
  95. When can I come back?
  96. Why don’t we cross to the Oltrarno more often?
  97. Wait, so do I ACTUALLY have to leave?
  98. I don’t ever want to leave.
  99. Best 4 months of my life. 
  100. Florence will always be my second home.  My home away from home.

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