EPIC Christmas Gifts for Travelers in Your Life

Even travelers, the minimalists among us all, still like to have nice things from time to time.  This is my list of EPIC christmas gifts for travelers.

While the best gift ever will always be flight vouchers, there are still some essential Christmas Gifts for Travelers that you can give!

Everyone has one.  That one friend who can’t seem to stay put.  Always jet-setting off to some new adventure, or if they are stationary for a moment, they are dreaming of faraway places, and plotting where to get lost next.  These people can be hard to buy for.  They are sentimental, constantly talking of stories and memories, but not particularly materialistic, mostly because you can’t travel with a bunch of random stuff.  So what to get this person for Christmas?  Well, friends, I am here to tell you the best christmas gifts for travelers.  (AKA this is also my Christmas wishlist *hint hint mom and dad!**)

christmas gifts for travelers

My Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

md837Quite honestly the best $30 I have spent when it comes to travel prep. If you have one of the iPad chargers or a Mac chargers it is absolutely essential.  Instead of using a converter or adapter when you travel, you can just use these to plug straight into the wall.


Birdies – Shoes for Christmas Gifts for Travelers!

My go-to travel shoe for city travel!  If I’m going to a location where I am going to be walking a bunch in a city, these shoes (and probably two pairs if I’m being honest) are getting packed.  These shoes have several layers of cloud comfort technology, amazing arch support, and are literally so stinking cute.  I STAN. (I own 5 pairs of Birdies, and at least one always goes with me when I travel, I’m not kidding when I say I LOVE these shoes – they will make a great female traveler Christmas Gift!)

Get your BIRDIES here

The Best Camera Bag on the Market – A WANDRD BAG

This bag is my go-to bag for any and all travel.  The WANDRD PRVKE series in both the 31L and 21L make a fantastic personal item when traveling on weekend trips.  With the many features available, this will be the best ever Christmas gift for a traveler – especially one who is a photographer.

They also have duffel series, and several other day-packs as well!  This beautiful bag is a must for any camera-gear toting traveller.

Get your WANDRD BAG here.

A Passport Holder

A great stocking stuffer Christmas gift for travelers – a passport/documents holder!  While most things are going digital these days, sometimes having a beautiful passport holder is truly just a nice touch.  Personally, along with many other travelers, without my passport holder, both my wallet and passport quickly become a jumble of plane, train, and bus tickets, stubs, and scraps.  A nice elegant passport holder for the frequent traveler is on my list, and probably your traveler friend as well.

Here is a really beautiful one on Amazon!

Life Straw or Grayl Filtering Water Bottle

Europeans constantly poke fun at Americans because of how much water we drink, and it’s because they constantly see Americans toting their water bottles around. Sufficient amounts of water fight jet lag and keep you happy and healthy, so get your loved one the latest style and watch as the sticker collection on it grows.  Both the Life Straw and the Grayl are perfect water bottles for filtering during any kind of travel that may have unsafe drinking tap water.

I personally prefer the Grayl, as it has more filtering power than a LifeStraw, however, the LifeStraw will fit in the water bottle you already have!  Sufficit to say, both are phenomenal options and a must while traveling!  Among the perfect Christmas gifts for travelers!

Get your LIFESTRAW here

Get your GRAYL bottle here

Travel “Essentials” & Accessories

If you know where your buddy is headed to next, grab them some gear to help ease the preparation of their trip.  Hats and headwraps, hiking boots, selfie sticks, thermal underwear, sunblock sticks, hair ties, etc. can all make great stocking stuffers or presents, which as we know are really the best sort of Christmas Gifts!

Some of my favorite brands include Smart Wool, Helley Hensen, Columbia, and UnderArmour and will make perfect Christmas Gifts for travelers!


Seriously.  Because I don’t have a single pair of matching socks, and they ALWAYS disappear when on a holiday.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem.  And truth be told, Smartwool socks are the best. Plus they have a SOCK FINDER so you can get the perfect sock for any adventure.

Get SMARTWOOL socks here

Moment Lens


These things are amazing!  They transform any regular iPhone into a near-professional lens without the cost and bulk of a traditional camera.  If your jet-setter loves photos and also loves the minimalist lifestyle this might just be the perfect gift.

Check out the MOMENT LENS here

Portable Charger

This is something that always goes in my carry on!  Somehow I feel like they always get lost, go out of commission, so a new portable charger is always one of the welcome Christmas gifts for travelers.


A Puffy Jacket

Help your loved one fit into the European style of things and give them a mega packable, in-style puffy jacket. These things roll up nicely and pack well for a holiday in cold destinations like Iceland!  Helly Hansen is my favorite provider of jackets – I probably own 5 or 6 if I’m being honest!  Check them out, they aren’t cheap, but they are definitely worth it for what you get.


Polaroid Camera

They produce such darn cute photos, and will instantly print memories that will last forever.  A mini one of these will fit right into a stocking.  My favorite Instant Camera (that I own!) Is the Instax Mini LiPlay!  It’s fantastic because you can print photos you’ve already taken on your phone when you return from your vacation!


25 More Christmas Gifts for Travelers

    1. Travel Yoga matt
      Manduka Matts are worth the price tag and for the traveling yogi in your life, there’s not a better christmas gift than a travel yoga mat.
    2. Yoga paws
      Traveling even ligher, do your travel yoga sans mat, with Yoga Gloves
    3. Filtering water bottle
      I know I mentioned the Grayl and Lifestraw above, but another great option is a Britta Stainless Steel Filtering water bottle.
    4. WANDRD backpack
      Again, one I mentioned above, but I am seriously in love with this bag, and cannot recommend it enough!  They have a new backpacking bag called FERNWEH that I am dead set on purchasing!
    5. Apple Watch
      A timeless useful tool, an Apple Watch makes a great gift for travellers.  I personally love it to track my steps during my adventures!
    6. Lonely Planet Book
      Nothing better than to get someone excited for their upcoming trip by getting them a book of their upcoming destination or favorite travel spot!
    7. Scratch off Map
      These are the best gifts for travelers with a home!  Its always great to spread your wings and to have roots!  This one is super cute of the whole world.  This one here is great for America!
    8. Collapsible pots and pans
      This is an affordable set from Amazon.
    9. Rain jacket
      Helly Hansen makes my favorite winter, rain, and travel jackets of all time.
    10. Packing cubes
      I have several different kinds of packing cubes – simple ones from Target and also some from Helly Hansen as well. I also love these options from Khols!
    11. Portable charger
      There’s nothing worse than your phone dying before arriving somewhere and having NO idea where to go.  Portable phone chargers solve that problem!
    12. Portable Bluetooth speaker
      I LOVE my little JBL Portable Speaker, and it packs a punch.  A must have when I am traveling, especially with friends!
    13. Cord organizer
      OK, originally I was just searching for a simple organizer for the wire cords, but this one also does your passport and your cords, and I think that’s epic!
    14. Head Torch / Head Lamp
      You never know when you’re going to need to see in the dark!  I ALWAYS take a headtorch with me when I travel!
    15. AirPods Pro
      Wireless headphones are ALWAYS a win with travelers.  No CORDS!  I also love the traveling and self charge case.  I literally do not leave my house without my AirPods.  For travellers it’s worth getting the Pros for the noise cancelling capabilities.
    16. Polaroid printer
    17. Travel inspired jewelry
      You can’t go wrong with any of these choices – it’s even more personal if your person has a favorite destination where you can customize their jewelry to!
      – compass necklace
      – plane dainty necklace
      – Paris Bracelet
      – world map locket
      -London Ring
    18. Leather accessory covers
      Great Christmas gifts for travellers and even better when they’re personalized!
    19. iPhone camera lens
      Similar to a moment lens this ZTYLUS gives you four lens options for your iPhone.
    20. Eye mask
      This eye mask, headband, scrunch set is the only way to help you feel luxurious when you’re sitting in that economy seat!
    21. Silk Pijamas
      Everyone needs a good set of travel jammies!  These silk ones are perfect and super cute!!
    22. Makeup bag
      It’s not the cutest but it is practical as it’s clear for your travels!
    23. Bert bees skin care kit
      We all have to keep our skin and lips hydrated, especially during the strains of travel
    24. Kindle
      For the readers out there, its not really practical to travel with your books, especially if you are traveling long term!  The Kindle is the perfect solution to have thousands of books at your fingertips, and still have the look of paper.
    25. Airplane Footrest
      Get your traveller comfy on their long haul flights with this airplane footrest sling!  Keep that blood circulating!