Blogs I Love: Gator Edition Part 2

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Okay, another roundup of my favorite fellow Gator blogs that I love and know you will too!

Starting off with keeping the bohemian vibes the blog Do What You Love Today really hits home to me.  No, it's not about bohemian travel lifestyle, but it is all about good vibes, and that's what's important.  Head on over if you want to hear some great advice on doing the things you love.

Leaning a little bit more to my journalistic side the blog Natural Hair and Broadcast has held my attention since I first started reading it.  Though I'm not going down the track of reporting, being (an attempt at) a fashionista, I constantly wonder weather or not it is OK to have my natural hair in my photos or not.  I don't deal with the same struggles as Britnee- but hey, I say hair equality for all on any platform!  Head over to her blog to join the discussion, it's an interesting one!

And though I tend to drop the fashion end sometimes, the blog Soul Beauty keeps true boho vibes right alongside fashion, and I love it!  Maybe a collab sometime, I could use some tips before I go to Paris!  Check out this blog and see why being fashionable is important to this young lady, but also that finding your way past the material things is the most important of all.


Well that's it for now, but I'll be back soon with more Blogs I Love!

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