A born pumpkin baby, fall is my favorite season.  At the beginning still warm enough to catch some end of season beach rays, then comes the turning of leaves with cooler weather.  Halloween is just around the corner to be followed by Thanksgiving, and street vendors selling roasted almonds and chestnuts.  Here are my 6 favorite things about fall in Florence!

  1. The Amazing Weather

    Enjoy the amazing fall weather by going on a wine tour in Chianti!

    It’s been said again and again, people have written novels about it, and yet it remains true.  Who doesn’t love fall weather?  Being from Florida I never really experienced a true “fall” in my hometown, and it amazes me how fast the weather cools off in Florence.  It’s now pleasant to walk around during the day, even if I am a little cold at night, I’ll suck it up to not be sweating in the heat.  With the dry climate and perfect temperatures, Florence in the fall is a weather gem.

  2. The Street Food Gets Even Better

    Swap your gelato out for roasted nuts because they are back in season! Chestnuts, almonds, and more lie in wait for those wandering around Florence on these crisp autumn days. The smells will draw you in and hook you from the very start.  Once you get yours, your insides will be warmed and you be happy as a squirrel.  Don’t forget, fall is truffle tim! There’s not a better way to experience this delicacy than in Florence.

  3. Fashionable in Florence

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    Layers and boots! My favorite combo!

    Lets talk about layers!  We all know Italians love their  scarves, and wear sweaters and jackets in August, so why not take this time to play with your wardrobe and get into the Italian fashion vibe?   Break out those layers and rock some tights and booties, throw on a cute hat and catch the European fashion flow.  It’s fun, cute, and who knows, you might just find your Romeo looking so cute.

  4.  The Tourists are More Manageable

    As opposed to summer when the city is bursting to the limits with tourists, fall is a time where the city slows down (at least just a teensy bit) and you actually hear more Itaian in the street than English.  Tour group numbers are lower, and while there are still tourists in town, it’s not as packed as the hot summer months.

  5. Fiorentina Soccer Games

    My first Fiorentina game, made a mistake by wearing shorts, it gets cold at night!

    The start of fall means the start of soccer, or for you Europeans, football.  As a huge college football fan (go Gators), heading over to the Fiorentina stadium to watch a match and have a beer is almost like being at game day back in the states.  Almost.

  6. Time to Enjoy That Cappuccino

    fullsizerender-13Get warm in the mornings on your way to work or class by actually being able to enjoy your cappuccino without sweating to death.  Head over to News Café for the cutest coffee in town!