Oktoberfest is a giant beautiful mess, complete with beer, wieners, and happy Germans. Being around so much beer, it’s bound to be spilled one way or another, so here are the 10 best ways I’ve seen beer spilt at the world’s largest Folk Festival.

  1. Singing Along to German Drinking Songs

    Even if you don’t know German, you quickly learn the words to these songs as the words are “one, two, three- Down the hatch!”

  2. Trying to Prove You Aren’t Drunk

    Traditionally, to prove you were sober enough to be served another beer, a customer would have to grab a full beer and be able to perform this trick.  Pretty neat, isn’t it?

  3. Excitedly Jumping Up and Down When a Girl Chugs an Entire Stein

    It’s impressive when a guy does it, but when a 5’3″ girl stands up on the table, with 8,000 eyes on her, and chugs a stein full of beer in about 7 seconds, you’ll be screaming in amazement and spilling your own beer!

  4. Chugging Your Beer

    Processed with Snapseed.
    or am I….?
  5. Yelling in Protest When Someone Throws a Shoe/Umbrella/Unknown Object at Your Face

    It will happen.

  6. Getting a Little Too Excited to “Prost”

    You might just “cheers” a little too hard.  It’s OK, we forgive you.fullsizerender

  7. Throwing Chicken Wings at Someone Who Fails at Chugging

    (Trust me, they’re booing…)

  8. Dancing

    At some point the band will start playing “We Will Rock You” by Queen, and you won’t be certain at what point you started standing on the benches, beer sloshed on those around you.

  9. Running Away from Someone Who Has Drank Entirely too Much

    Queue the random strange girl who was celebrating her 22nd birthday and puked all over our table.

  10. Having the Best Time of Your Lifeimg_1568

    Yes, some beer may be spilled, but that’s not the worst that could happen.  PROST!

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