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Packing Guide: A Weekend At Oktoberfest

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Packing for a weekend in Munich is taxing within itself, with the fickle weather and the modest style of the Germans compared to the rest of Europe.  Packing for a weekend at Oktoberfest adds another layer to prepare for.  

A major issue?  Most of the time people traveling to Munich camp in tents outside of the city. Fortunately I have never done that, as camping in Germany during the rainy season isn't my ideal image of fun, but I am here to provide you some handy tips for packing for your trip, regardless of lodgings! (For a guide to the full weekend, check out this post!)



Pack Light

Travel Guides say it all the time, yet rarely does anyone listen.  Now more than ever do you need to follow this advice.  When packing for Oktoberfest keep several things in mind;

If you're only there for a weekend, this is only 3 days.  
If you buy a dirndl, this is your outfit for every day you are at the festival. Make sure you leave room in your bag if you plan on purchasing one in Munich.  
You will want to be comfortable.

Keep things simple with just a duffel bag and maybe a small backpack if you want to keep things like snacks and your phone nearby while on the bus or train.

Plan Your Days

Planning out what you will do on each day will make your life simpler, and your bag lighter.  Keep it simple and if youimg_1378 need to pack more, contain them all to the same color theme so you can mix and match as needed.

Day One: If you are traveling overnight on a bus, you won't be able to change/shower/freshen up in the hostel/hotel/campsite the next morning. Travel in something that serves dual purpose.  Comfort, and can be worn around the city of Munich.  If you need to pack an extra shirt to change really quickly into, this can work as well.  Just plan to not have a lot of time.  

Day Two: This is the day you will most likely spend all day at Oktoberfest, so if you're purchasing a Dirndl, don't bother packing clothes for this day.  You can spend all day in your outfit, even at dinner after, and it will be completely acceptable.

What to wear with your Dirndl?  The traditional dresses are surprisingly comfy and appropriate for both warm and cooler weather.  Pack a sweater you can tie around your waist should you get warm.  Many German women also wear nude stockings or tights during the cooler days in order to keep warm.  Flat shoes are more practical, though a small wedged pilgrim style shoe, or kitten heeled Mary Jane is worn by many as well. 

I recommend packing bobby pins , hair pins, and hair ties as well, so you can complete your Bavarian look with a braided hair style.

Day Three:  Again, just consider what you will be doing this  day.  Exploring Munich some more, visiting the first Nazi Concentration Camp, Dachau? Another day at the wiesn?

Prepare for the Weather

Notice the umbrellas and sweaters? Definitely worth packing!!

Though Oktoberfest has been moved from October to September in hope of procuring better weather, it's still rain season in Germany.  Expect cold weather and pack appropriately.  Rain jackets, sweaters, umbrellas and boots are quite common this time of year, and would be a great idea to pack.  Think warm!


Again, I'll reiterate, keep it simple!

Pack the minimal amount of makeup you need.  Go with dry shampoo for the weekend instead of packing travel bottles, especially if you're camping.  

Don't forget deodorant, and face wash!


Hope this guide helps, feel free to leave a comment if I left something out or if you need any more information!  

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