6 Florentine Dates for Anyone

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Going on a date in Florence is unlike a date anywhere else.  A walk down any winding road can be romantic, so to go on a full blown out date, roses and all, is bound to be memorable. There is charm and romance embedded in the soul of the city.  Here are a few of my favorite "tried and true" dates to go on in Florence. 

Picnic in the Boboli Gardens

IMG_0085On the other side of the Arno, behind Palazzo Piti, lies the grand gardens of the Medici family.  111 acres of winding paths, Cyprus Trees, and rolling hills set one of the most romantic backdrops you will ever experience.  

On a breezy day, pack yourself a picnic and walk over to the Giardini di Boboli, enjoying the romantic tree-arched paths. Slowly meandering up to the top of the gardens to enjoy a picnic with your partner.

Admission to the gardens is €10 at the gate (€5 if you have an Italian passport), and it is free to visit on the first Sunday of the month.




Piazzale Michelangelo & Dinner

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Everyone knows the views from Piazzale Michelangelo are absolutely stunning.  

You don't have to try and make anything romantic by going up there, just the immediate ambiance of the terrace is enough to set the mood.

So why not (or wine not) bring up a bottle of wine, paired with some cheese and bread, then after watching the sun set, head out to dinner.  This is a simple and easy date, all you pay for is dinner, and is incredibly romantic.  All things I like in a date.

It's best to be up there an hour before the sun goes down.  This way you get a good seat on the wall or steps (make sure to lay down a blanket), and watch the city light up.  

Here is how to have the Perfect Florence Date Night.

Go to a Cooking Class

960What could be more romantic than throwing around raw dough in a foreign country?  Check out some of Florence's many cooking classes, one of the best being In Tavola.

Most of these are group classes, and you generally make a 3 course meal.  The menu can include gniocchi, crespelle alla Fiorentina, lasagne, risotto, gelato, and tiramasu. 

Plus, after all the hard work you get to eat after!  

 You can book this through FlorenceForFun.com for a discount.

Listen to Live Music

Looking for a more relaxed date night?  Head to one of the several bars around town that offer live music including Michael Collins, Goose Bar, and many more.  Feel relaxed and enjoy listening to locals in Florence jam out to their favorite tunes.

Or if the bar isn't really your scene there is often live music playing in Piazza Signoria and Piazza Repubblica.  Whether they be street artists just performing for a few coins here and there, or full on orchestras from one of the many colleges in the area.  There is usually something happening in the streets at night, and often its free as well.

Fiesole and Dine

Fiesole offers yet another view of Florence from the outside. Set on top of a rolling Tuscan hill, the little town offers a beautiful "hike" through the woods to present one of the lesser known- but just as amazing views of Florence from above.

Fiesole is a great town to do a day trip, but for a date I recommend starting the hike just before sunset and seeing all of the lights in the city of Florence turn on at once.  It's absolutely stunning.  If you don't want to take a picnic, there is a restaurant in Fiesole called Perseus that has amazing food, just make sure you call ahead and book a reservation. 

How to get there? Get on the bus in Piazza San Marco and take the number 7 up to Fiesole.

Rooftop Bar for Aperitivo

For more scenic views head to one of Florence's many rooftop bars, and enjoy aperitivo.  Hotel Cavour, Westin Excelsior, Rinascente are amongst the major ones, Minerva and The Continental are great places to try as well. 

Whichever bar you choose, there is sure to be  a lovely view and quaint breeze, though prices can be a bit higher- ranging on the high end at €18 for a cocktail and aperitivo.  You definitely pay for the views, but in a town like Florence, it's completely worth it.  


Did I miss your favorite place to go on a date in Florence?  Let me know below!



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