5 Apps You Need to Download Before You Travel Abroad

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Navigating in any foreign country can be taxing, but with modern day technology, it just got a whole lot easier.  These 6 apps can always be found on my phone, and are a surefire way to make your abroad adventure run little more smoothly.

City Maps2Go by UlmonIMG_9296

There's a lot of discrepancies in reviews this app, but I love it solely because it allows you to use it offline- no data, no wifi.  You can download the maps for each city you are visiting while connected to wifi, and then delete them when you no longer need them.  Then when you are out and about on the town, you can see street names, major monuments, piazzas, and important buildings on the map, all without using up your roaming. You can even search and save destinations. Another great feature?  If you purchased the international plan from your cellular carrier, as long as you have your service turned on (service, not roaming data), the app shows you your exact location.  This app has helped me get around pretty much every city in Europe I've visited!


This app is amazing.  Just put in your current location and the address (or city, or building, or whatever) of where you want to go, and all the possible ways to get to your destination show up, with average prices alongside them.   You can click the links to go to the actual website to book, or you can just peek at whatever bus stop is closest to your hostel.

Check out their online site at rome2rio.com.

My Currency ConverterIMG_9295

Because sometimes Siri just doesn't have the answers. Having a currency converter on your phone helps keep you aware how much money you are *actually* spending.

Air BnB & Hostelworld.com

Both of these apps have online sites as well which are sometimes easier to search and sift through when planning a trip, but sometimes when you're at dinner and scrolling through you see a deal you might otherwise have missed!
It's convenient when you're traveling to be able to pull out your phone and see the location of your hostel/BnB.  If you don't know the language and can just show the taxi driver an address, your journey will be just a tad less confusing.

Not to mention with Air BnB you can directly contact the property owner through the app, so trying to check in and get the keys for your weekend getaway became simpler.

Ryan Air

This app I always have on my phone, even if I don't have any upcoming flights with RyanAir.  It's nice to cruise around and see what the good deals are, and if a flight is really cheap for the season, why not take a short weekend trip?  Keep your boarding passes handy in the app, and if you forget to check in the night before your trip, just grab your phone real quick instead of breaking out the computer and enter in all your info.

Life made easy!


Have more questions about technology abroad?  Check out my post about how to use your phone in Italy!

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