Things To Remember the Week Before a Big Trip

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Often when preparing for  a big trip, you think of the main things you need to get together, clothes, shoes, makeup, undies, your camera (to see my advice on how to pack for longer trips click here.) The week before any trip is crucial time, and doing a few little things can be enough to help your trip (and return home) run smoothly.

Double check to make sure you have all of your prescriptions.  (and extra)

During my last haul to Italy over the summer, I ran out of contacts lenses.   Navigating in a train station and being unable to read any of the departure/arrival boards isn’t the most pleasant experience ever.  Don’t be like me.  Travel with lots of contacts.

Put your subscriptions on hold.

How about, “lets ride the carousel and chill?”

Many countries outside of Canada and the US don’t have Netflix/Hulu, and even when they do there is usually a very vast difference between the American version, and the (insert country here) version.

By cancelling my subscriptions to various services, I saved around 50$ a month, which doesn’t seem like much, but think of it this way; If you’re living for a year abroad, that’s 600$…or 3 months worth of rent…or 12 treat-yo-self fancy pants meals.  That’s a pretty easy decision to me.

Plus, if you’re watching Netflix while your traveling the world…you might want to reconsider traveling in general.
(There’s better ways than Netflix and Chill, guys.)

Make copies of yourIMG_7846 driver’s license and passport.

I recommend making 2 sets of copies, one for yourself and one for your family remaining in the states.  You never know what could happen, and this could save you a lot of time and suffering.  If you loose your passport having an extra copy hidden away in your room, or one in the states that can be sent to you, the American embassy has something to work with.

If you are close to your family, consider leaving them your banking information in case you are in need of an emergency money wire.

Let your banks know your travel plans.

Usually this can be done pretty easily on a mobile app or online, but for some smaller regional banks you may need to call.  Have a list of which countries you will be traveling to prepared.  If travel plans change (i.e. you come back to the states early, or end up going to India instead of Russia), make sure to let them know as soon as possible, because they will cut you off.

Check to make sure all hostels/Air Bnbs are good to go.

You probably booked these a while ago, so it never hurts to check in with the people you’re staying with (especially Air Bnb), just to make sure everything is good.  Double check if there will be places to store your luggage, if there is wifi, where the nearby train station is, and if they need cash or if they take card.

Clean your room.

  1. If you’ve been at your parents house, your mom will send you off with a happy memory.
  2. It is the best thing in the world to come home from a long trip to a clean room, and made up bed.

Spend time with your family and your dog.

You will miss them when you’re gone.  And when mom sends you pictures of your dog dressed up, you will get emotional.  Don’t worry, it’ll pass.

RIP, Norris

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