Growing up I dreamed of traveling to Italy (Yes Italy, I’ve always loved pasta) and I wanted the perfect date like in Lady and the Tramp, with accordions playing around me and a handsome rogue to share my last noodle with.  Now that I’m here I’ve been on plenty of dates and the one that stands out the most is in my mind what can only be described as the best date I’ve been on thus far.

A lot goes into a date, and a lot of factors are at play to what can make it perfect for each individual couple (obviously), but if you’re in search of a shell to have dinner with your lover, look no longer.Version 2

You’re in the most beautiful city in the world, so where to begin?

Start your evening at 7:30 on top of Piazzale Michelango (recall that if you’re walking this is a bit of a trek, so flats or sandals are important!) and watch the sunset go down as the skyline of Florence paints a humble backdrop of.  Bring a small blanket, a bottle of your favorite chianti, some stracchino cheese, a loaf of bread and sit on the steps and relax. (Don’t forget cups and napkins!)

Florence sunsets are unlike any other.

After you’ve finished your bottle of wine and watched the sunset (in summer this can be anywhere from 8:30-9:15 ish) walk back

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Me and my favorite Italian

down (or cab it) and have dinner at the one and only La Giostra on Borgo Pinti.  A little bit of background to impress your date: this restaurant is where the old carousel used to be stored before it was replaced by the current one in Piazza Della Reppublica.  The grand arched brick ceilings are covered in twinkling lights, and the atmosphere is extremely intimate able for you to be completely immersed in your partner. The food is incredible and you will not leave sober or with any regrets.

After dinner if you’re still looking to imbibe and enjoy a night on the town, La Giostra is right in the city center close to many bars and pubs to stroll to and while away the night hours.  In our particular situation for our anniversary, Green Steet Bar on Via Ghibellina gave us sparklers to celebrate with our bottle of prosecco, and it made a pretty cute Instagram photo if I do say so myself.


What is your perfect Florence date night story!?  Share it in the comments below!