Best Places to Watch Your Team in Florence

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Curious for the best places to watch your team play in Florence?

These bars not only play important European games, but for those of you that need to keep up with your American sports during the year, here are some places that will turn them on for you.

Lion’s Fountain

Multiple TV’s, large space, and in my opinion the best fried American Food in Florence.  It’s the college student’s haven in Florence for sports. Located in Piazza San Pier Maggiore (Borgo degli Albizi, 34) it’s a great central location to start out your night watching the game, and then bar hop to your heart’s content.  If you really want to enjoy yourself, stop in earlier in the day and make a table reservation for the game.  It will make the game that much better for you and your friends.

The Red Garter

Yes, at night it’s a club where you can dance all night and sing karaoke with your friends up on stage, but during the day you can sit down in the dining area, and watch whatever your sports team is play.  Don’t forget about Taco Tuesday!  (Via de Benci, 33r)

Michael Collins

For a bit less of a dive bar feel, visit Michael Collins (which used to be the Old Stove) in Piazza Signoria.  The bar is above ground, but head downstairs and there’s a large seating area.  On certain nights of the week they even have live music.  Lots of fun, and a bit less of the college crowd.

Fiddler’s Elbow

Located in Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, this bar is a bit more of a stretch to walk to, but you’re guaranteed less students, and quality food.  I personally go there now because it is very close to our new apartment, and it’s great to just sit down in during the day, hang out and have a beer while the game is on.

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