My First Real Taste of Football

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This past Saturday when Italy took on Germany in what was decidedly an important match, I decided to gear up in Italia paraphanelia and see what the hype was all about.Now I freely admit- I don’t know a whole lot about soccer.  Growing up we were always more of an
American Football watching family, or baseball, the great American pastime.Currently attending school at the University of Florida (Go Gators), I
completely understand the camaraderie and passion of the European Soccer,
even if I don’t find it particularly as interesting as watching my Gators take
on the Dawgs in Everbank Stadium.

So along with my boyfriend’s Italian family, dawning an age old Italia jersey found in the back of a closet, I headed to
Lion’s Fountain, an Irish Pub, ready to get an Italian take on European football.
Fully prepared for the bar to be packed to the brim mixed
with a mix of diehard Italia fans, casual passerby, and band-wagoners, I called ahead and reserved us a table.  Absolutely key to enjoying the game.  Pat on the back for


So at the start of this game it seems to me like Germany is taking way too many shots compared to Italy, but I keep this thought to myself.


My next thought:
Thank god Italians are so passionate, this coach is absolutely

Okay, second half is coming to a close and I remember why I prefer American Football; there’s always something happening, even if we do take a lot of breaks-we can always get hyped at the next play.

Okay second half is coming to a close and at this point
Italia is getting VERY close to scoring…

Okay so second half has ended any nobody scored, but I mean theres still another 45 minutes after halftime and anything can happen! Forza Italia!

At this point people in the bar are very drunk, the Wi-Fi
has gone out, and everyone can tell Italia is getting tired, they continue to
fight but still no one has scored.

At this point everyone in the bar is nervous, except for some Germany fans standing by the bathroom door celebrating (know your surrroundings people!

Italy scores and you can’t help but turn to the random stranger next to
you, or in this case my boyfriend’s sister, and give them a bear hug and start
chanting with the rest of the crowd.  I
may not have any Italian in me, but hey, I can pretend sometimes.

The bar goes quiet again as play resumes.  There’s not much time left in the game.

****Note at this point my phone died and service was terrible so some of my Tweets posted out of order****

An extra four minutes, and still nobody scores.

Overtime I’m informed is not sudden death, but turns out it doesn’t matter because still, NOBODY SCORES.

2nd overtime, I’m never really given a clear answer on whether or not this is sudden death, but nobody seems to think so.  The answer still doesn’t matter though because again nobody scores and this means penalty kicks.

So this first round of PKs are not sudden death, it’s just whoever gets more points in the end wins. Italy and Germany make the same amount…so now it’s the second round and this- this round IS sudden death. (BUM BUM BUUUUMMMMM).

Italy kicks first and we are neck and neck with Germany until the last Italia player in the round goes to kick….and he misses.

Breath held seeing if the Germany player will make it, he takes the shot, our keeper reaches, but the ball sneaks into the net.

The bar lets out a sad sigh, muttered curses against the Germans ensue, and everyone gives a light cheer to Italy

I’m reminded again, never underestimate the Italians!

I decide soccer isn’t so bad, even though it will never take the place of College Football, but I guess it will make do during the off seasons.

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