The 7 People You Meet Working in the Tourist Industry

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Working in the tourist industry you meet a multitude of people from all walks of life.  People from all over the world visit my little town of Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the united states, clocking in at 451 years old.  Granted, most people visting are from the South East, but we also get the snow birds who come down trying to stay warm. There are always a few people from Cali who deem it necessary to at least “see what the Atlantic is all about”.

Working in the tourist industry, every day is an interview.  And here are the 7 people who will interview you.

  1. The friendly couple from the midwest who can’t imagine this IS your real job.200_s.gif“But how do you make money? !” They ask with a quizzical light in their eyes.  You can tell that the concept of not working in an office job and using that hard-earned degree once you’ve graduated college.  But they find you enamoring and want to know how you started working in the tourist industry, and how great it is you get to be outside all the time (tell me that come August in Florida…).  They are the friendliest couple you will ever meet.  He probably works as a contractor, she works at a bank.  They have two kids who are in college, and this vacation is their 25 year anniversary.  You’ll probably not remember them when they come back for their 30 year, but they will remember you and can’t believe how much you’ve aged and that you’re still working here!  You must love being outside!
  2. The person who wants to know everything there is to know about (insert what you do here).

    Not bad, just So. Many. Questions.  And then if you don’t know the answer you feel terrible, like yo’ve failed at your job.  That right there is an exhausting day.  Please.  Direct your tough questions to the veterans.  Thank you!
  3. The childless (or pregnant) young couple who are bright-eyed at the world.  200-1.gif
    Usually they both have a decent job, or are finishing up a second degree.They don’t have kids yet, or they may have one on the way, but are still in love with each other and in love with traveling.  They’re the kind of couple who inspire you, whether or not you know it, to take your next trip, and they love to discuss their adventures with you.  They are a little lost themselves still, trying to figure out who they are, but they mingle with everyone and can get to know you on a personal level very quickly.  They don’t mind spending time apart talking to others, but are always making eye contact to make sure the other is having a good time.
  4. The millennial “hipsters” who’s main goal is to drink.200_s.gif
    You know the ones.  Parents funded this little trip, or they’re out of college with semi- real jobs but no real responsibility, so as soon as they read “complimentary drinks” or some other great special, they’re all in with one intention- to get trashed.  The girls typically wear clothing inappropriate for the occasion, either too little fabric, too high of heels, or some combination of both.  The boys? Oh they stand around thinking they’r important with their hands on their hips.
  5. The Slightly Odd Solo Travelergiphy-1.gif
    Now don’t get me wrong, I love to travel alone, and sometimes I honestly prefer it.  But there is a different stigma to traveling alone in the States compared to Europe, and it’s just an odd cultural difference.  Though solo traveling is on the rise, especially with women- these oddballs are not your typical youths.  They’re generally middle aged folk who don’t say much, maybe sip on a diet coke or drink from their Camelback. They’re usually very nice, but you can’t quite figure them out, and getting them to talk can be a challenge.
  6. The Retired Couplegiphy-2.gif
    Ahhh, the easiest of the whole lot to talk to.  They willingly ask you about your life, and you about theirs.  They’ve seen a lot of the world, or at least have moved around a lot, and usually have some fun story to tell.  Their grandkids are usually a little younger than I am (though as the years go on they become much younger than I am). Usually from somewhere just a few hours away, this couple has survived the test of time, and now they just wanna hang out and do fun things together.  #Goals.
  7. The Tire Kickers200-2.gif
    You know the ones.  The people who don’t actually go on your attraction, but ask you a million questions, sit in your office soaking up AC, only then after 30 minutes of you trying to convince them, answering all sorts of questions about everything, to have them turn around and say, “Yeah I don’t think this is for us, but thanks for all the other info?”







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