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Happy Birthday, Menendez

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In 2003 a longboat sailed from the Freedom to the shores of Saint Augustine to commemorate the birthday of Juan Pedro Menendez de Aviles.

This February marks what would have been Pedro’s 497th birthday.

The Freedom has been used in past years to lead the parade of tall ships commemorating the annual birthday celebration.  This past year was the 450th anniversary of his arrival in Saint Augustine so for this #ThrowbackThursday we include some fun newspaper clippings.


FAQs of Reenacting

  1. yes the costume itches
  2. unfortunately, there was no velcro in the 1500s so yes, all of these buttons I have to button and unbutton each time to use the restroom
  3. no-one is really sure which of the costume pieces are machine washable.
  4. Yes, wearing wool in the middle of summer is really hot.  Thank you for asking.
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